Unique Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Room In the House – Part 5

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Part 5 – Beauty, glamour, and luxury

Another way to create a bathroom you love is by transforming it into a beauty oasis, rather just a place to wash your face and brush your teeth. How so? Make your environment feel like it is fit for a beauty queen by incorporating all of your luxury products as well as few glamorous details. 

Typically we tend to cram makeup and hair products into cabinets, or we store our nail and skin products in drawers. Sure, you might use a couple of organizational methods to try to keep things sane inside those cabinets and drawers, but when it comes time to use the products digging them all out feels like annoying chore.

Rather than hide your expensive lotions and potions display them! Install pretty shelves near the sink area and create an interesting decorative arrangement with the jars and bottles and a few artsy accessories. Make sure, though, to only display containers that feature packaging that is attractive and coordinates well with the design scheme of your bathroom. Not only will this add glamour, you’re also much more likely to use and enjoy them consistently because they are within arm’s reach.

Next, install a few fixtures that will add light, privacy, and make you feel pretty. If there’s a window in your bathroom, hang a sheer, white curtain. You’ll be able to open the window and the shade while keeping the room private, and the soft diffused light works really well for some beauty routines. 

Speaking of light, consider installing old-school Hollywood lights like the movie stars had in their dressing rooms. Pow, instant glam and plenty of light for doing your makeup! If you have space you can also include a chandelier in the room just to up the fancy factor. To make the room feel extra special and luxurious trade out the standard hardware for nicer stuff. Get rid of those stock towel racks, for instance, and replace them with well designed towel bars. Don’t use them for your day to day towels though. Hang beautiful decorator towels and leave them alone so they stay nice!

Last but not least, achieve a sense of beauty and luxury in the bathroom by keeping a very glamorous robe and slippers nearby!

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