Unique Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Room In the House – Part 6

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Part 6 – Electronics and Workspace

Okay, of all of our ideas for making your bathroom your favorite room in the house, this one might sound a little crazy at first, especially because the rest of our advice focused heavily on beauty, comfort, and luxury! Who wants to work in that environment? But here’s the thing. More than ever before we are a multi-tasking society, and being able to accomplish things from just about anywhere is a big plus. Here are few things we think you might actually find super convenient and helpful in the bathroom.

Incorporate a speaker system for hands free communication on your cell phone. Think about how much time it takes to get dressed and do your hair and makeup. Imagine if you could be making and returning important phone calls at the same time. By the time you leave the house all of those calls are done and out of the way! Next, consider a small table/desk space for your laptop. Again, while you’re getting ready for the day you can work on small tasks. For example, if you run social networking accounts you can be Liking and sharing with one hand while the other hand holds a curl in your curling iron. Or, wouldn’t it be great to blaze through a bunch of emails while you’re doing your hair?

Having your laptop nearby also allows you to watch and/or listen to videos. Perhaps they are inspirational, or makeup tutorials or even training videos your employer requires you to watch. Take care of all of your video time in the morning or at night. We do suggest, though, that you might want to consider a small, rolling, easel-style desk because bending over constantly to use your laptop can result in some back fatigue. It’s best if it’s standing height, or if you have a chair in the bathroom (as we previously suggested) you’ll be able to set the laptop on a counter and use it that way strain-free.

Last but not least, you might want to go big and include a TV in your bathroom. You can watch the news or your favorite morning show while you’re getting ready for the day, and then indulge in a movie or TV show binge while you take a bath in the evening. A TV in the bathroom might sound a little extravagant, but it’s worth it!

That wraps up our six-part series about unique ways to make your bathroom your favorite room in the house. Leave us a comment and share some other fabulous ideas you’ve encountered!

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