Unique Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Room In the House – Part 2

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Part 2 – Goals

Now that you’ve come up with a great to personalize our bathroom by hanging a vision board or inspirational quote, we will move on to goals. You might be wondering why we are now discussing goals, because in Part 1 we discussed inspiration and having a vision. Aren’t goals the same thing? Why hang both in a bathroom?

Because, they are somewhat the same but they are still different. As far as daily exposure the idea is the same as the inspiration elements we just mentioned.  If you display your goals in the bathroom you’ll see them at least twice every day! But, we believe goals are a little different from inspiration because they are more task oriented. For example, a vision board is a broad view of your aspirations. Whereas goals are the measurable steps you’ll take to get there.

One really unique way to feature them is using a dry erase marker, the kind usually used on a white board. Skip the white board and use the markers directly on your bathroom mirror. If you want your list to be easily edited this works really well!

Another great way to feature your goals is by printing them on nice cardstock and framing them with a larger piece of cardstock. For this to look nice you must color coordinate it with your bathroom and use good quality paper that gives the display an actual aesthetic. In other words we don’t recommend printing it in a boring font on white paper and tacking it to the wall in an arbitrary place. Make your display seamlessly blend with the rest of the bathroom décor. To do so, print your goals and objectives on a light colored cardstock. (It’s too difficult to read on dark colors, but you can try ink in a coordinating color.)

You don’t have to limit this to just one page. As long as you have enough wall space you can include several documents that vary by theme or purpose. You can find the supplies in the scrapbook section at the craft store. Select 12×12 designer card stock sheets. Then, “frame” the goal 8.5X11 sheet of paper by attaching it to the 12×12 paper. You can use strong glue meant for paper, or staples. We don’t recommend tape of any kind because the bathroom humidity will likely cause it to lose stickiness over time.

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