How To Let Your Husband Be Part Of the Home Decorating Plan

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Let’s face it ladies, when it comes to home décor we want to be the queen of the castle! How many stories have your friends shared wherein the moment they tied the knot “his stuff” was the featured items at the next garage sale? While this is sure to illicit a giggle on your part, it isn’t necessarily realistic. When two people share a home they both deserve to love the space they’re in. However, combining styles can be the ultimate challenge if you have very different tastes.

  1. Begin by both agreeing to accept the idea of décor that is eclectic. Eclectic décor is by definition a unified representation of varied styles. If you both embrace the fact that things won’t look too polished or perfect you’ll be off to a great start!
  2. Come up with an agreed upon color pallet and keep it simple. Color is a great place to start with any decorating scheme, and when you’re combining styles it’s an easy base from which to work. This doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Find colors you both love and be creative. Just make sure you both know the plan and then if you go shopping separately everything you bring home will coordinate.
  3. Let him have fun with texture. Guys often like things with varied textures and there are endless design options that are beautiful and even elegant. A rough texture wood coffee table or a slick granite counter top would be great addition to any home and would also likely be his cup of tea.
  4. Try the long-trusted interior design ratio of 80/20. Designers agree for the most part that if 80% of a room’s design coordinates, 20% of it can be a bit of a free for all. How to divide this? Rather than 80% you and 20% him, try agreeing on 80%. Then each take a 10% creative license with the rest.
  5. If you still can’t quite agree to disagree a little, try dividing up the house. If he’s the king of the kitchen and you’re the dame of the den, divide and conquer!

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