Seven Dining Room Ideas We Love

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Dining rooms went kind of defunct 20 years ago when our modern lifestyles evolved into the ‘go-go-go’ that we’re accustomed to these days. But they’re making a comeback as people are starting to realize that there really is huge value in dining with good company. Wondering how to bring yours up to date so it’s a place you love? Check out these seven great ideas!

  1. Replace the table setting after dinner. Pretty dishes, flatware, and place mats all make a dining room look more elegant and inviting. Rather than setting the table right before you dine, set it as part of the after meal clean up. Every time you pass by it during the day your eye will be pleased, and when meal time approaches the dining room will automatically seem comfortable and inviting. You’re going to set the table anyway, just switch up the timing!
  2. Invest in an exceptional overhead light fixture. Try an impressive chandelier for instance. More than any other space a dining area will feel most complete when unified by a main light source.
  3. Make sure that your floor is at its best.  Hardwood floors are wonderful for a dining room, but they do need maintenance.  Make sure your investment is working for you by having it cleaned professionally or replacing the floor to give your entire home a more elegant room. 
  4. Use bright colors. For some reason people tend to favor a reserved aesthetic in the dining room but that’s an outdated standard. If you want to get more use out of your dining space, then make it a cheery happy place where your family will want to spend extended time. Need a suggestion? Try lime, pink, blue, and black!
  5. When it comes to seating choose function over form. The bottom line is that sitting is what we do in a dining room. Skip the fancy uncomfortable chair, and opt for seating that makes dining a cushy experience.  
  6. Always feature a centerpiece, and keep it low profile. An attractive centerpiece makes meals feel more elegant and well thought out. At the same time, they can obscure the view from across the table which prevents ample human interaction at the table. Choose something that is short and wide rather than tall and narrow.
  7. Clean the china out of the china hutch and store it in a cabinet. Displaying china is rather out of date and it certainly doesn’t make for an interesting topic of conversation. Remove the glass from the doors and replace the china with a collection of family photos. When you’re dining with your loved ones, the space will feel homey. When you invite guests, they will enjoy perusing the photos while waiting on dinner to be served. 

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