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6 Genius Ways To Create Drama With Your Décor — Part 3

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Part 3 – Textiles and Technology

Think rich

By rich we mean textures. When it comes to textiles in a dramatic room, luxurious fabrics are a must. They should also be used amply because they add warmth and depth to a space. Good choices are brocade curtains, antique quilts, chenille chairs, velvet settees, leather sofas, and so forth.

Look for ways to incorporate as many textiles as possible. The room will look far more elaborate if there numerous textures and designs. Try including pillows, tapestries, blankets, and ottomans. Another nifty way to accomplish this is with a thick luxurious carpet. High pile, real wool carpeting in a color such as plum would do wonders! Carpets are also available in patterns so you could take it up another notch with a dramatically patterned carpet.


The modern world revolves around technology and entertainment so including this consideration is way to make your dramatic space state of the art. When selecting electronics to include buy the best that you can afford. For example, mount an oversized television on the wall and cleverly disguise the cords so that is aesthetically pleasing. Increase the enjoyment factor of the television by installing a top-notch surround system.

If your dramatic space happens to be an office, purchase a high tech monitor that makes the space feel like an awesome “headquarters.” Again, big sound is dramatic so use excellent speakers with your computer. If you are adding drama to a kitchen, try including a futuristic home monitoring system. You can now buy systems that do everything from control exterior surveillance cameras to tell you the status of your preheating oven. There are even “smart refrigerators” that feature USB ports, built-in wi-fi connectivity, and an iOS app. Seriously? You bet! They really exist.

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6 Genius Ways To Create Drama With Your Décor – Part 2

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Part 2 – Ceilings and Scale

Look up

If you want the room to astound people you simply cannot skip the ceiling. Drama is impressive in part because it is a little overwhelming, which means that every inch of the room should be considered. Painting the ceiling is an easy fix, but avoid a single, solid color. Explore faux finishes such as those that resemble plaster or leather. To add a fan tastical touch use glimmer paint that reflects light similar to a very fine glitter.

Or, paint the ceiling a solid color, and then use a contrast color to hand paint an elegant design across it. Keep in mind that people will be seeing it from further down than the level at which you’ll be painting. Be sure the design is large enough to be clearly seen by people who are seated in the room. Another fun option for drama is a ceiling medallion around a light fixture in the center of the room. Last, if your ceiling has an apex point and the sides are slanted, do some research on room tenting. It’s a specific art that you will likely need help with, but it is a spectacular result!

Go big or go boring

Furnishings in a dramatic room should most definitely be large scale. Not all of them however! To keep proportion on point it’s best to intermingle smaller, unique pieces with lager items such as a couch or bed. When buying large furniture look for pieces that are not only big, but also well designed. A sizable, plain couch won’t have near as much effect as an oversized antique couch upholstered with velvet. The hand carvings and lines of a large scale antique couch will make it seem even bigger than its true size and will add to the imagination of the space. Don’t forget to consider fixtures too.

An enormous chandelier would be an excellent way to add drama. The same could be accomplished with a statement mirror. Choose a mirror that is exceptionally well designed and watch as it transforms the entire room. Not only with its loveliness, but also because it will reflect all the other beautiful features of the room including light and metallic finishes.

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6 Genius Ways to Create Drama With Your Décor

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Part 1 – Color and Walls

Some personality types thrive in spaces that are dramatic, decadent, and trasportive. If you’re idea of a dream space demands these qualities grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this three-part series about ways to create dynamic dram in your room or home!

Don’t be afraid of the dark

If you would like add drama to a room an easy way to start is by using dark colors. Create atmosphere with colors such as crimson, deep violet, royal blue, chocolate brown, and, of course, black. Avoid using them as accent colors, and instead use them liberally to achieve the effect. Mix and match dark hues as well. Try crimson and chocolate brown, or black and royal blue. Yes, you can paint walls black by the way! It’s just a matter of handling it properly. High sheen paints don’t translate well to black walls, but a flat, matte black paint can make walls look positively chic!

Let the walls close in

A feeling of open space isn’t necessarily a priority with dramatic décor. It’s about creating a space that transports you and in this case a slightly ‘closed-in’ feeling is ideal. To that effect, try to achieve drama in a room with wallpaper or floor designs. Search for intricate, embellished designs with unique textures. A good word to think on while sifting through possibilities is ‘decadent.’ Beautiful designer wallpapers ooze decadence. Again, search for mid to dark tone colors and don’t be shy about using something bold like raspberry red. Consider metallic finishes as well.

What could make a bigger statement on the walls than gold sheen wallpaper or a dramatic floor pattern? If you’re artistically inclined another fabulous option is to hand paint the walls with an elaborate design. You can find a marvelous set of options for painting tools designed for home interiors. With a little research and, well, a lot of time, the room could be transformed into an iteration of drama that comes straight from your creative mind. Like the idea but not sure you can pull it off? Practice on a large board, and then give it a try. Little is lost if you don’t like it because you can simply paint over it. You can also utilize online tools to visualize the space such as our Virtual Room Designer.

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26 Gift Ideas for 7 Year Old Girls

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Gift suggestions strictly for girls age seven? Isn’t that rather specific? Well, not when you consider child development. Within one year they change drastically and this remains the case until they’re well out of high school. So, gift shopping can be a bit baffling. That cartoon character she ADORED last year? Yesterday’s news, and she’ll confidently tell you as much if you happen to ask. However, the element of surprise is one of the best parts of childhood and asking her exactly what she wants runs the risk of giving away your intentions. Before you resort to questioning, take a look at this list we compiled. Our understanding is that these toys are currently the bees knees among the seven year old set. If you want to feel really sure, just ask a different child about them. Not a friend of your child though. Kids are terrible at keeping secrets!

  1. Barbie Sparkle Studio Doll
  2. Ever After High Spellbinding Secret Chest
  3. Furby – Boom Crystal Series
  4. Disney Frozen Royal Sister Dolls (sold as a set)
  5. The Electric Claw Game (like the ones in public places where the robotic claw drops and attempts to grab a prize)
  6. The Amazing Wubble Bubble Ball
  7. Crayon Ultimate Crayon Case – 152 pieces
  8. My Little Pony Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset
  9. Bike seat for a favorite stuffed animal or doll
  10. Disney Frozen FRS 2-Way Radios
  11. Fire HD 7–Inch Tablet
  12. Singing Machine Karaoke Player
  13. Lalaloopsy Baking Oven
  14. Lalaloopsy Doll Furry Grrrs-A-Lot
  15. “Barbie and the Secret Door” DVD
  16. KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse with furniture
  17. Calico Critters and Triple Baby Bunk Beds set
  18. LEGO Disney Princess Merida’s Highland Games
  19. Goldie Blox and the Parade Float play set
  20. Melissa &  Doug Deluxe Wooden Stringing Beads
  21. Fashion Angels Tapefitti Art Desk Set
  22. Crayola Dome Light Designer
  23. DohVinci Style & Store Design Kit
  24. How to Draw Pets book
  25. Fashion Angels Interior Design Sketch Portfolio
  26. Hedbanz Game 

How To Look Professional So You Can Get the Job or Promotion You Want – Part 4

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Part 4 – Eye on the prize, feet on the ground

Invest in high quality shoes and take exceptional care of them. Before spending money on unique shoes, buy three pairs of classic and versatile shoes. Go for timeless styles in standard colors that will coordinate with the vast majority of your wardrobe. As soon as any signs of wear become apparent take them to the cobbler and have them repaired.

It’s also smart to ensure that these three pair are comfortable enough to be worn for several hours. Walking from hotels to convention centers, giving long presentations, or giving clients a tour can cause serious fatigue and foot pain. Pain in the body translates on the face and it will become evident that you are uncomfortable, and this is very distracting to people who are trying to communicate with you.

Last, but certainly not least, we give you this crucial advice: Always keep in mind that your boss or client is not just thinking about how you appear to them. More importantly they are considering whether or not you present well to others. There’s no way you’re getting that business development job if your boss thinks that your appearance would send the wrong message to business partners. The same goes for your clients if you are independently employed. If your role in their company involves interacting with their customer base they are not going to be comfortable associating you with their brand when you look a mess.

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How To Look Professional So You Can Get the Job or Promotion You Want – Part 3

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Part 3 – Head to toe

Never allow a button up shirt to gape open or pull and stretch across you bust. This is quit distracting and someone who is distracted cannot attentively listen to your awesome new idea or invaluable feedback. They’re too busy thinking, “Doesn’t she realize that her shirt doesn’t fit?” Or, they’re uncomfortable with the glimpse inside your shirt. Buy shirts that fit your chest and have the rest of the shirt tailored down to fit well everywhere else.

Maintain your nail polish or don’t wear it. This requires little elaboration. Everyone knows how terribly tacky a worn manicure looks. It screams, “I could not care less about my appearance!” Same goes for your pedicure on days you’re wearing sandals or open-toed shoes. Skip them if your toes don’t look clean and presentable. There is something very off putting about unkempt feet.

Take pant length seriously. Pants that are too short look silly and as if you aren’t investing in your own professional wardrobe. People will assume you must have borrowed them because certainly you didn’t buy them that way on purpose. Give people the impression that you are smart enough to invest money in your wardrobe by wearing pants that are clearly the right length for your legs. Just as important, perhaps more so, make sure they are not too long. Pants that flop at the bottom and drag on the ground at the back of your shoe look absurd! And it makes you look utterly clueless.

Don’t overlook sleeve length either. As rule, shirt sleeves should not extend more than slightly past the wrist bone, and jacket sleeves should land at the wrist bone.

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How To Look Professional So You Can Get the Job or Promotion You Want – Part 2

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Part 2 – Pay attention to detail

Go easy on the perfume. Feel free to wear it, but know that going overboard with it might send the message that you aren’t self aware. In business, it’s crucial that you are self aware. Whether you care to or not, you affect the people and projects around you. So it’s important to convey to others that you are aware of your responsibility to contribute well. If you stroll into a meeting and everyone in the room feels suddenly asphyxiated by your designer perfume they might think, “Jeez! This woman has no idea the effect of her presence!”

Don’t go overboard with accessories. No matter how creative or eccentric you are, you want people to know that you are capable of thinking with a no nonsense mindset. It’s too much to have earrings swinging, bracelets jangling, and a necklace that’s constantly banging into the keyboard on your laptop. Better to look well coordinated but and do so in a slightly understated way. Are you the type of personal who feels strongly about expressing yourself with your appearance? No worries – just opt for less conspicuous ways to accomplish the goal. Color is a great alternative. Make a statement with the color red rather than with 17 accessories.

Complete the look of specific garments. By this we mean don’t forget things like a belt. It simply looks odd to see a garment with belt loops and no belt. It’s as if you didn’t finish the job. This is NOT the message you want to send. Again, this a matter of acknowledging details. People want to get the impression that you can see something through to full completion. Show them by not skipping the belt!