6 Genius Ways to Create Drama With Your Décor

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Part 1 – Color and Walls

Some personality types thrive in spaces that are dramatic, decadent, and trasportive. If you’re idea of a dream space demands these qualities grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this three-part series about ways to create dynamic dram in your room or home!

Don’t be afraid of the dark

If you would like add drama to a room an easy way to start is by using dark colors. Create atmosphere with colors such as crimson, deep violet, royal blue, chocolate brown, and, of course, black. Avoid using them as accent colors, and instead use them liberally to achieve the effect. Mix and match dark hues as well. Try crimson and chocolate brown, or black and royal blue. Yes, you can paint walls black by the way! It’s just a matter of handling it properly. High sheen paints don’t translate well to black walls, but a flat, matte black paint can make walls look positively chic!

Let the walls close in

A feeling of open space isn’t necessarily a priority with dramatic décor. It’s about creating a space that transports you and in this case a slightly ‘closed-in’ feeling is ideal. To that effect, try to achieve drama in a room with wallpaper or floor designs. Search for intricate, embellished designs with unique textures. A good word to think on while sifting through possibilities is ‘decadent.’ Beautiful designer wallpapers ooze decadence. Again, search for mid to dark tone colors and don’t be shy about using something bold like raspberry red. Consider metallic finishes as well.

What could make a bigger statement on the walls than gold sheen wallpaper or a dramatic floor pattern? If you’re artistically inclined another fabulous option is to hand paint the walls with an elaborate design. You can find a marvelous set of options for painting tools designed for home interiors. With a little research and, well, a lot of time, the room could be transformed into an iteration of drama that comes straight from your creative mind. Like the idea but not sure you can pull it off? Practice on a large board, and then give it a try. Little is lost if you don’t like it because you can simply paint over it. You can also utilize online tools to visualize the space such as our Virtual Room Designer.

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