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Home Floor Options – Quick Guide To the 6 Styles of Carpet

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If you are new to the world of carpet, this quick guide should help you choose the right kind of carpet for you and your home.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask us at Dolphin Carpet!

Plush / Saxony: This type of carpet is quite luxurious because it appears smooth, velvety, and soft. It is ideally suited to rooms where formality, elegance, and traditional design schemes are the priority. The yarns are all identical with a uniform twist and finish of the yarn so it gives a polished appearance despite being a textural feature in the room. Plush carpet looks best when vacuumed consistently so be sure you don’t mind doing so at least a couple of times per week.

Frieze: This type of carpet is wonderful for high-traffic areas and it can be used in most rooms. Its durability is due to the strands of yarn having a high twist level. If you look closely you’ll note that this tight twist actually causes it to curl over at the end, which helps protect it. The visual result is an interesting appearance that is a bit knobby looking, and a carpet that wears very well. Frieze also offers a lot of versatility because can be purchased in several pile heights.

Textured: This carpet is very well suited to casual room décor goals. It is popular in part because it’s has an attractive two-tone color blend that is the result of alternating twists of yarn. It also springs back nicely, so if visible footprints or vacuum tracks bother you you’ll like the way it resists imprints. Textured carpet is often used in high traffic areas such as family rooms and children’s rooms. 

Cable: Constructed of long, thick yarn, this carpet style is quite pretty. It’s noted for being very comfortable to walk on as well. It’s an ideal choice for a bedroom because it’s best used in low traffic areas where people are often barefoot. Excessive wear due to traffic and shoes can crush it and cause it to matte so be particular about where you use it.

Cut & Loop (aka Patterned): This carpet style features both cut and looped yarns. Using two different yarns results in what appears to be a pattern. This is because the two yarns have different surface textures. The presence of the two textures, along with the fact that this is a low loft carpet, makes it a great choice for wearing well under heavy traffic and camouflaging stains. Patterns range from things like casual geometric designs to elegant botanical designs.  

Looped: Also known as Berber carpet, this style of carpet uses large, bulky yarns. The yarns are manufactured with single or multiple level loop construction. Each individual loop is actually visible and it is these loops that make it so durable. It’s great for hiding traffic patterns. The most common fibers used to make looped carpet are olefin and nylon, although other blends are available as well. 

How To Create an Awesome Homework Station For Your Kids

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This is a very timely topic with school starting.  Make sure your family begins the year the right way!

A great way to start this project is to first decide on a central work space where homework will always be done. If you have more than one child things will be easiest to manage if they all work at the table together at the same time. This way you’re nearby to answer questions or offer help to anyone who might need it.

The idea behind the homework station is to preserve usable space. So, plan to make it portable. Otherwise a homework station can quickly overrun the room it’s in because the supplies and organizational items are always present and potentially in the way.

Here’s what to include:

A standard desk organizer that is typically used to store magazines. Rather than magazines, use it to create an in/out box for documents that require a parent’s signature.  Us a cute label on which you can write and label the front of it, “To Be Signed.”  Or, if you’d like to include a few other documents you can label it “Parent’s Papers” and add copies of permission slips, school directories, school calendars, etc.

A spiral bound or journal style school year planner. Although you likely have your own calendar management methods, and your kids’ teachers will likely require them to rely on a school provided organizational method, it is very effective to have one single planner at the homework station. This applies, of course, to homes with multiple children.

Each night, when it’s homework time, begin the session by opening up the planner and reviewing it with everyone. Not only will it keep things on schedule and task, it will also provide an excellent way to see whether or not efforts can be combined during the week to accomplish things that are occurring at the same time.   

The other items to be included in an awesome homework station are the various supplies that kids need on a regular basis. Basically this is the home backup version of the supplies you send with your kids on the first day of school. These include: loose leaf paper, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, highlighters, markers, post it notes, paper clips, stapler, glue, sticky tabs for flagging book pages, scissors, etc. There are certainly many more possibilities so the best way to plan for the station is by asking each child what he or she usually uses while doing homework.

Once you have everything ready set it all on a large tray that can be slid in and out of a storage space and you’re all set!

The Top 16 Best Home Decorating Items That You Can Always Find In a Thrift Store

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Thrift stores are famous for the variety and scope of their offerings. They are overflowing with randomness and bizarre little items that are sometimes hard to pass up. While this is certainly fun, it can prove a bit challenging when you’re hoping to truly rely on the thrift store in order to complete a home decorating project.

To keep your sanity during the process, we suggest only planning for items that have been proven over time to always be present in thrift stores. Purchase and make the best use of these, and then rely on standard retail for other items that are necessities.

If there’s anything time sensitive you need to buy, such as a matching set of dishes, you’ll find a standard store is the place with the least headache. If you simply need dishes for utilitarian purposes then you can rely on the thrift store. Make sense? Here’s our list of items that we’ve found to be present in thrift stores nearly all of the time.

  1. Book shelves
  2. Dressers
  3. Chairs
  4. Vases
  5. Picture/art frames
  6. Bed frames
  7. Mirrors
  8. Figurines
  9. Candle holders
  10. Miscellaneous accessories
  11. Tables
  12. Entertainment centers/Armoires
  13. Lamps
  14. Mismatched dishes
  15. Kitchenware
  16. Holiday décor

The key to making these easy-to-find items work well for you is to do one of two things. If you’re not a fixer-upper, crafty type, only buy items that look exactly as you’d like them to in your home. If you know you’ll never get around to a project, don’t buy something that needs your attention.

However, if you are a DIY type, you’ll want to make purchases based on how well an item can be transformed into the vision you have for it. Even if you’re a master of disguise when it comes to repurposing things, you’ll soon tire of thrift store finds if they become exceptionally difficult to manage. Stick with things that you can control easily and still enjoy when the project is done. Happy thrifting!

8 Ways To Look Classy Wearing a Sheer Shirt

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Sheer clothing is beautiful due to its light and breezy drape. It’s also very comfortable wear because it is soft and it breathes. It can be quite challenging though because one must be careful to keep it looking classy. Although it’s see-through, the trick is to wear other separates that prevent it from being to revealing.

Sure, you can try the most common cure which is a basic cami underneath. But sheer shirts are way too chic to have only one option for a way to wear them! You’d be surprised just how versatile they actually are when you mix them in unexpected ways. Try these ideas! 

  1. Long sheer off-white blouse with micro dots, under an oatmeal colored loose sweater with ½ length sleeves, distressed skinny jeans, nude pointy toe pumps, animal print bag, gold bangle bracelets.
  2. Short sleeved tan lace shell, black wide bandeau, high waisted cropped black dress pants, sandal mules.
  3. Cropped black cami, underneath sheer black button up blouse, tucked into faded black skinny jeans, black blazer, pointy toe black ankle boots, black leather bag.
  4. Long sleeve white lace peasant blouse tucked into white palazzo pants, black strapless bustier underneath, black strappy sandals, burgundy bag.
  5. Sheer black blouse with tan polka dots and sleeves rolled above the elbow, black denim shorts with cuff, tan cami, extra skinny cheetah print belt, brown leather bag, basic t-strap black sandals.
  6. Sheer navy blouse with ¾ length sleeves, tucked into rust colored straight leg pants cuffed to the ankle, navy blue midi tank, nude pumps, gold watch and bracelets on both wrists.
  7. Sheer black short sleeved blouse with asymmetrical hem skewed to one side, with black and white mini tank dress underneath, long gold necklace with large geometric pendant, red flats.
  8. Cropped black lace blouse with elbow length sleeves and boat neck, over top white button shirt buttoned to the top and left un-tucked, back flare leg jeans, black and white pointy toe kitten heels.  

Designing the Perfect Laundry Room

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If you are building, remodeling or sprucing up your laundry room, there are a few items  you should consider. Having an organized laundry area can make your life much easier. Do yourself a favor and create an orderly laundry area. Make this chore pleasant by taking pride in the neat appearance of your newly organized space each time you see it.

A soaking utility sink in or near this area is a wonderful addition. The best way to remove stains often includes treating the area and soaking in water. A nice, deep utility sink will give you the ability to better treat stains and also give you the ability to hand wash delicate items.

A dedicated place to fold clothes helps to encourage immediate folding and keeps the clean clothes off of your bed! If you have a place to fold, the laundry is more likely to get done and put away. It is also great to have an ironing board near this location. Space to fold and organize near an ironing board will make it easier to get this task done, as soon as the clothing is dry. For easy access and clearance, opt for an ironing board that folds up and out of the way.

Purchase a durable drying rack or you can be creative and make one yourself.  Create a rack by suspending an old wooden ladder, or install a collapsible wooden rack on the wall. This is a must have item, used for hanging clothing that is being stain treated or too delicate for the dryer.

Most laundry rooms come equipped with some sort of floor that can withstand water. This is wonderful for the space but not as nice for your body while standing for the folding of laundry.  Do your body a favor and place a nice memory foam rug or runner in this space. You will get more done if you can stand more comfortably. 

If you have any questions about the type of flooring to use in your laundry space, feel free to ask us at Dolphin Carpet or visit one of our showrooms!

Creating an Eclectic Interior

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An eclectic style interior looks so easy, yet intriguing. It keeps the mind guessing while making the body feel comfortable within the environment. Many people desire to create an eclectic look, but fail because the look turns out messy and cluttered. This look can be easy to pull off by keeping a few ideas and concepts in mind.

Mesh proportions together using different styles of furnishings. Furniture and accessories carry a certain weight within a room. Meshing proportions means to group like sized items. Size is the common interest both pieces have in common, therefore allowing them go together.

Coordinate art and textiles within the space. By doing so the items become the color palette of the home. This style allows you freedom to display your collections. Anything vintage will fit in to this category: books, records, jars, boxes, plants – the list goes on and on. For example if you collect crystal perfume bottles, display them. If you only display the best, the clutter cannot take over and destroy the look you are working towards.

Textures play a major role when creating an eclectic decorating style. Textiles provide the softness that make guest feel at home while Items of various textures add interest to a space. Add texture by finding unique textures in different flooring, furniture and fabrics.

Most importantly remember to group furnishings together by combining likeness in weight. Don’t pair an oversize chair with a small, dainty accent table. The two items would look off balance sitting next to one another. If you have a chunky item, pair it with another chunky piece.

When designing eclectically, remember less is more. When in doubt take it out! If you have any questions about the best flooring to use for your space, please feel free to contact Dolphin Carpet or visit one of our showrooms.

Advice: How To Prepare Your Teen For the First Day of High School

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The first day of high school is easily one of the scariest days in a kid’s life. It starts a whole new chapter and it involves a multitude of new people and experiences. To help your teenager get through it smoothly, try these tools and advice.


Help them prepare for the first morning of school. The night before the big day do things like packing a lunch or putting money in their bag, and making sure the backpack has all the necessities and is ready to go. Also, help them pick out an outfit and lay it out with shoes and accessories so it’s easy to get ready the next morning. Knowing that they’re fully prepared will decrease apprehension. The morning will also go smoother and it will take their stress level down.


Next, remind your teenager that everything is going to be okay. The repetition in this is key because hearing it multiple times will truly rest their mind and keeps doubts out of it. This sounds simple but gentle reassurance will help them sleep easier.


Speaking of sleeping easier, encourage them to go to bed earlier. Getting a full night’s rest is important because it will help them be more awake and therefore more social and outgoing the next day. A teenager who went to bed at two in the morning because they were up all night worrying is a lot more likely to have a bad first day.


Also, tell your teenager to be social and confident because everyone is nervous. This is the first time they will meet new classmates and first impressions are important. Everyone is a little bit scared and people will remember who reached out to them and was kind from the beginning. Small things like introducing themselves and smiling at people can result in friendships that will last the full duration of high school.


Another great thing to tell your teenager is to be friendly with the teachers. This will give the teachers a great first impression of your student which will last the entire year. Building teacher relationships also creates a reliable resource to which your child can turn if they need guidance while at school.


Last, make sure your teen understands the map of the school and will be able to locate classrooms. With these things in place the first day is sure to go much better than it would have without some thoughtful planning. 

4 Hairstyles To Wear in Hot or Humid Conditions

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Heat and heavy moisture in the air are no friends to spectacular hairstyles. Rather than lose the battle try one of these practical yet pretty styles!

  1. Slicked Back Braid Bun: This is the most no-nonsense option and it also looks quite chic. Apply a small amount of styling lotion to your hair, and then pull it back to the nape of the neck. Secure it with a hair tie. Braid the tail and wrap it into a tight, neat bun. Use pomade to control frizz and fly-aways.
  2. Braid Strip Ponytail: This is beautiful after you’ve spent a day in the sun and water at the pool or the beach. Section off a quarter of your hair on the left side of your head. Leave some hair out so you have tendrils to frame your face. Braid that section. Then pull all of the hair back into a low ponytail, capturing it all with a hair tie. Arrange the tendrils around your face to frame it. Pull out one small strip of hair to wrap around the hair tie and pin it into place with a bobby pin.
  3. Wet Braid Dry Ponytail: This is a great option if you’re going to be exposed to rain or wet conditions such as sitting near a swimming pool full of children. Pull the hair back to the nape of the neck. Use a firm-hold hair gel and run it throughout the hair from the hairline to the nape of the neck. Leave the rest of the hair dry. French braid the gel portion of the hair and tie it into a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Let the tail remain dry and unbraided.
  4. Loose Low Bun Twist: This look works really well if you’re going to be in a lot of wind or doing physical activity. It’s supposed to look a bit unkempt so when stray pieces fall askew it will look as if it was on purpose. Simply brush your hair and pull it back at the nape of the neck. Twist it once so that it rolls toward your head. Then wind it in a circle until it forms a low bun. Pin it securely by using multiple bobby pins, but keep the hair loose and relaxed.