Designing the Perfect Laundry Room

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If you are building, remodeling or sprucing up your laundry room, there are a few items  you should consider. Having an organized laundry area can make your life much easier. Do yourself a favor and create an orderly laundry area. Make this chore pleasant by taking pride in the neat appearance of your newly organized space each time you see it.

A soaking utility sink in or near this area is a wonderful addition. The best way to remove stains often includes treating the area and soaking in water. A nice, deep utility sink will give you the ability to better treat stains and also give you the ability to hand wash delicate items.

A dedicated place to fold clothes helps to encourage immediate folding and keeps the clean clothes off of your bed! If you have a place to fold, the laundry is more likely to get done and put away. It is also great to have an ironing board near this location. Space to fold and organize near an ironing board will make it easier to get this task done, as soon as the clothing is dry. For easy access and clearance, opt for an ironing board that folds up and out of the way.

Purchase a durable drying rack or you can be creative and make one yourself.  Create a rack by suspending an old wooden ladder, or install a collapsible wooden rack on the wall. This is a must have item, used for hanging clothing that is being stain treated or too delicate for the dryer.

Most laundry rooms come equipped with some sort of floor that can withstand water. This is wonderful for the space but not as nice for your body while standing for the folding of laundry.  Do your body a favor and place a nice memory foam rug or runner in this space. You will get more done if you can stand more comfortably. 

If you have any questions about the type of flooring to use in your laundry space, feel free to ask us at Dolphin Carpet or visit one of our showrooms!

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