How To Create an Awesome Homework Station For Your Kids

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This is a very timely topic with school starting.  Make sure your family begins the year the right way!

A great way to start this project is to first decide on a central work space where homework will always be done. If you have more than one child things will be easiest to manage if they all work at the table together at the same time. This way you’re nearby to answer questions or offer help to anyone who might need it.

The idea behind the homework station is to preserve usable space. So, plan to make it portable. Otherwise a homework station can quickly overrun the room it’s in because the supplies and organizational items are always present and potentially in the way.

Here’s what to include:

A standard desk organizer that is typically used to store magazines. Rather than magazines, use it to create an in/out box for documents that require a parent’s signature.  Us a cute label on which you can write and label the front of it, “To Be Signed.”  Or, if you’d like to include a few other documents you can label it “Parent’s Papers” and add copies of permission slips, school directories, school calendars, etc.

A spiral bound or journal style school year planner. Although you likely have your own calendar management methods, and your kids’ teachers will likely require them to rely on a school provided organizational method, it is very effective to have one single planner at the homework station. This applies, of course, to homes with multiple children.

Each night, when it’s homework time, begin the session by opening up the planner and reviewing it with everyone. Not only will it keep things on schedule and task, it will also provide an excellent way to see whether or not efforts can be combined during the week to accomplish things that are occurring at the same time.   

The other items to be included in an awesome homework station are the various supplies that kids need on a regular basis. Basically this is the home backup version of the supplies you send with your kids on the first day of school. These include: loose leaf paper, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, highlighters, markers, post it notes, paper clips, stapler, glue, sticky tabs for flagging book pages, scissors, etc. There are certainly many more possibilities so the best way to plan for the station is by asking each child what he or she usually uses while doing homework.

Once you have everything ready set it all on a large tray that can be slid in and out of a storage space and you’re all set!

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