3 Ways To Keep Children Entertained At a Wedding

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Children are a wonderful presence at a wedding because they bring with them an aura of youth and an appreciation for things that are festive and imaginative. And, who doesn’t love the timeless tradition of the ring bearer and the flower girl? Adorable! However, children can also be a tough crowd to please. Many of the ceremonial aspects of a wedding will be a big bore to them. To ensure that everyone is happy (the kids are having fun and the adults aren’t stressed by their presence,) offer lots of enjoyable activities to keep the children busy.

  1. Love Glow station – If you’re hosting an evening wedding, create a neon glow stick station. Set it up on a table short enough that the little kids can reach. Fill glass jars with un-activated glow sticks. You can find these at a party supply store of through a wholesale party supplier. Include a jar of the fasteners used to hook them together. Place a chalkboard on the table that read “Let Love Glow” in neon chalk colors.
  2. Order custom made puzzles with your engagement photo on them. When there is a time during your wedding day that the kids need to be especially quiet and well behaved, give them the puzzles to complete. Give out prizes to whoever does the puzzle the quietest, finishes first, etc.
  3. Rely on “old reliables.” When it’s not appropriate for the children to be freely roaming the festivities escort them to a game station. The station includes an assortment of classic board games, and tables and chairs. Make sure the tables and chairs are low and small enough for the kids to be able to comfortably play the games. 

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