3 Ways To Make Children Feel Included During a Wedding Reception

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Children love feeling important and special. Rather than just relegate them to a boring room away from the festivities, incorporate them in things throughout the night. They will not only enjoy the experience a great deal, they will also be better behaved which is a huge bonus!

  1. Create a plan with the DJ to play kid friendly songs at intervals throughout the evening. Each time it’s dance time for the kids have the DJ make an announcement. To ensure this is a success, determine which movies are currently a hit with kids. Such as the big hit cartoon that’s currently a smash success at the box office. Or, if you know any young children, ask them what’s popular and what they’d enjoy dancing to at the wedding.
  2. If you want to allow the children a little bit of “crazy time” in order to expend some of their extra energy, include a piñata in the party. Buy one that is wedding themed of course, and go for a large one that is difficult to crack open. Let the kiddos have at it for awhile, and then amuse them by blindfolding the bride and groom and letting them try to hit the piñata. Repeat with everyone taking turns until someone finally cracks it open. Have a cool prize on hand for the winner.
  3. If only a few children are attending the wedding and they are over the age of eight give them an important job that is also fun. Purchase a few Polaroid cameras and plenty of film. Give one to each kiddo and ask them to document the wedding or reception. Prop a large cork board somewhere in the midst of the festivities and ask the children to pin they’re photos to it throughout the night. To ensure they take quality photos have a contest. Give prizes for things like Best Photo of the Bride, Funniest Photo of People Dancing, etc. If you’re feeling extra generous you can even let the kids keep the Polaroid cameras as a wedding favor.

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