Affordable Home Remodel Ideas: 3 Ways To Make Extra Money As a Stay-at-Home Mom

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Are you a stay at home Mom with a burning desire to re-imagine and redesign your home? If so, there’s a good chance your might also be a woman who is smart about budgeting. This allows you to continue to raise your children on a single income. While it may seem like you have to sacrifice goals such as a new bathroom or remodeled kitchen, it’s actually possible to do a few extra things to bring in some money from home!

Here are three of our favorite suggestions for making it happen:

  • Hook up with Amazon by way of a program called Amazon Mechanical Turk. It typically requires little more than a laptop computer and the ability to jump on opportunities as soon as they’re posted. This would be easy if you set aside a few hours of down time each day, maybe while the kids are napping, and wait for offers to pop up. The assignments are simple, basic tasks that aren’t likely to zap the energy you need to run your household.
  • If straight forward money isn’t necessary and you’re willing to work for gift cards try out free gift card promotions. There are companies that will send you gift cards just for signing up. The only limitation usually requires that you make a purchase with them within a predetermined time frame such as 60 days. Ebates is a popular company for this opportunity. What could be better than the equivalent of feeling like it’s your birthday all the time?!
  • The Airbnb concept that recently took off like wildfire has created a profitable dynamic between travelers and home owners. If you own instead of rent, that’s you! With space to rent out there is an opportunity for you to add significant income to your budget, because people are participating in this in droves. Homeowners are making a pretty penny by renting out either a room or their whole house, and travelers are loving the hominess and comfort of staying in an actual dwelling as opposed to a hotel. One point of caution: There’s a smart way to go about it and fail prone way to go about it. Make sure to do your research on how to best handle an Airbnb arrangement. 

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