Chief Household Officer Report: How Moms Can Build a Practical Autumn Wardrobe For the Kids

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Fall is a busy time of year for clothing stores; back to school means that the kids need new clothes. This can also be a challenging time of year to continue working on home improvement projects because funds get funneled to your child’s needs. To keep the dream of a remodel project alive, try these suggestions for filling their closet without draining the bank.

First, go through everything they have in their closet. Wash the clothes that they are planning on keeping, fold and store away summer clothes, and get rid of run down or ill-fitting ones. You can donate the gently worn stuff, and sell the items that are still in good condition. With the money you make, you can in turn buy new clothes.


While going through the closet make a list of all the things they need so when you go to the store it’s quick and easy to find the necessities. Time is money! Be sure to solicit your child’s opinion on the type of new clothes they’d like. If not, money can easily be wasted on garments your child won’t wear. Another benefit of making a list ahead of time is the resulting opportunity to get the best prices by shopping the sales. If you plan ahead you can even wait until certain sales start, and in the end you’ll get the most amount of clothing for your money. Correlate the list you made while cleaning out their closet with stores and split up your shopping days.


It’s also smart to think about balancing good judgment with trends. For example, if your teenager wants to buy a shirt because it is in style but it is unflattering on their body or won’t be popular two months later, him or her to buy something else. Don’t forget to consider the value of layering. Garments that can only be worn in sub-zero temperature don’t offer as much value as those that can accomplish the same goal by simply wearing a few of them at a time. A little ingenuity goes a long way when budgeting, and if you play it right, you’ll still have money left over to push forward with your home design project!

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