Creating a Neutral Nursery

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It has become popular to find out the sex of your baby at the time of delivery. This really is the best surprise in a parent’s life. Not finding out the sex of your baby can make it a little more difficult to prepare for baby’s arrival. Alleviate some of that difficulty by making a gender neutral nursery.

Start by selecting a theme. Nature themes are great. You can choose a theme straight from the outdoors. For example, forest or jungle themes are exciting. Beach or ocean themed nurseries are calming. Space and celestial themes spark imagination.

Non-traditional themes can be appealing and educational. For example a travel themed nursery can incorporate maps on the wall. Alphabet themes use different sizes and fonts of lettering around the room. Showcase the child’s name in an alphabetical theme. If you prefer you can go the geometric route. Use interesting patterns and textures, while basing the nursery around your chosen color pallet. Theme-based rooms tend to be very colorful.

 For a more simplistic nursery, concentrate on the colors rather than a theme. Select gender neutral colors like grey or beige paired with white. You can add pops of color later after the baby is born.

For a bolder look, select a navy blue and beige, and then add the gender-neutral color later. Navy and pink is exciting for a girl. Navy and green or navy and yellow are very suitable for a boy. Looking for a bright color palette, consider using turquoise, blue or green as the main color. All of these colors are gender neutral. Be careful using yellows and oranges. These two colors can be overwhelming, use them sparingly. Yellows and oranges are great as accent colors, but avoid painting the walls with too much of either.

Don’t forget to add exciting textures to your nursery. Texture provide sensory stimulation to your little one. Corduroy is great for upholstery. Soft carpeting and a shaggy rug add warmth and comfort to the floor.

Whatever you decide, we here at Dolphin Carpet wish you many good times with your new family member!

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