Energy Saving Lightbulbs

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In this day and age there are so many ways to save energy. The easiest way to start saving energy in the home is by changing your lightbulbs. Incandescent bulbs provide a nice warm light, but they also use a lot of energy, burn hot and have a short life span. They are very fragile and break easily.

Fluorescent bulbs are very durable. They do not break easily and they can last up to seven years, unlike its predecessor, the incandescent bulb. People are drawn to the type of warm light incandescent bulbs provide. The color ranges for fluorescent is constantly expanding. You can get them in a wide range of colors. They are being made in all different sizes and shapes. These bulbs are available to fit many different types of fixtures. You can replace incandescent bulbs all over your house. Fluorescent bulbs are ideal for providing general light to a space.

LED bulbs come in an array of colors. For interior lighting LED lighting is generally a bright white. It is amazing how much light these little bulbs give off. The fact that the bulb hardly heats up is also a plus. LEDs are also being made to fit all types of lighting fixtures. This type of bulb is best for shinning a direct light. Use this type of bulb for task lighting. For example select an LED lamp for your desk or workspace. Where ever you need direct light to see the task at hand.

A combination of fluorescent and LED lighting can add dimension to a space. If you like efficiency then get on board with these energy saving light sources! They can be bright or dim and shine different shades of light. Incandescent lighting is becoming obsolete as these energy saving alternatives are becoming more versatile each day!

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