7 Cute and Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

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Looking to create unique memories for your wedding guests? You’ll love these ideas because they are both unique and entertaining!

  1. For a dessert treat fill shot glasses with milk and place a small stack of chocolate chip cookies on top.
  2. Create a cupcake decorating station. Serve white cupcakes with white frosting on a large tray. Fill several glass dishes with all of the topping that might be tasty on a cupcake. You can include quirky things like cereal, or cupcake standards such as sprinkles and nuts. Offer several options so that picking and choosing is fun. If you want to stay close to your wedding theme, make all of the topping relevant by either color or theme.
  3. Create a fun game by using a spinning wheel. Have guests spin it and give away cool party favors.
  4. Hire a food truck for the reception.  Formal sit down dinners are lovely if you’re hosting a traditional wedding. If, however, your wedding plans include a fun and funky party outdoors, your guests will be happy to see a food truck pull up to the party.
  5. Give guests a unique gift and make them laugh by presenting them with a handkerchief that has this phrase embroidered on it: “It’s not your party but you can cry if you want to!” The sentimental guests will be glad to have it, and all of your guests will be sure to keep the gift because it’s humorous and unique.
  6. Rent a bouncy house. Yes, the kind that are normally used for children’s parties! The point of this is obvious. It’s ridiculously fun, but it’s also a really cool idea because it will present an opportunity for some really funny photos.
  7. If cost isn’t a concern, invest in several Polaroid cameras. Place one on each table at the reception with a sign that lets guests know they are welcome to use them. Be sure to have on hand a supply of extra film. Ask guests to pin their Polaroid pictures to a large cork board throughout the evening. 

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