Entrance to the Home: Design a Positive First Impression

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The entrance to a home sets the tone for your home. This is usually the first thing guest experience when they come over. Make it a strong and lasting first impression. Read along and find out what makes an entrance way a success.

Aesthetics and accessibility should be used hand in hand. Make sure the outside of your door and entry way are clean, tidy and pleasing to the eye. Keep this area clutter free if possible. If there are steps, make sure they are free from obstruction. Getting to the front door should be safe and easy. Keep paint or stain maintained. Install good lighting so others can see well at night. Make an effort to provide an entrance that is easily accessed and approachable.

Door bells and door knockers should be easily visible. These items need to be able to be heard as well. If you have a larger house, install a door bell with a pleasing ring that can be heard throughout the home. Take into consideration the actual noise that the bell creates. Short and sweet bells or rings are optimal. You and your family will be hearing this noise day to day; its best to keep the sound simple. If your home is smaller, you may want a loud door knocker.

Hardware should work with ease. Door knobs are better hardware for interior doors. Knobs can be tricky if you have your hands full. Door handles work better in this location. They provide a certain entrance look and can be easily accessible.

Plants placed near a home’s entrance bestow a welcoming feel, simply by adding life to the entry. Hanging plants or window boxes on either side of the door create symmetry and give life. Small trees and topiaries can extend the entrance leading up to the door if your space feels small and cramped. Just make sure all plants are not in the way. Make sure hanging plants do not run the risk of hitting guest in the head. Leave ample room to walk and keep plants out of the egress area.

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