Ceramic? Porcelain?

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Ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles, it’s a decision you have yet to make for your bathroom tile but the decision needs to be made. What are the differences between these two tiling choices? Turns out the differences aren’t as many as we thought or have been told. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are both from the category of tiles called ceramic. Taking a closer look at a few important categories, lets find out how much of a difference there is between the two. 


Since this tile will be used in your bathroom you will want to ensure that it doesn’t absorb water at a high rate. In this case porcelain wins the battle. Ceramic isn’t the worst choice, but porcelain better protects your tiling from water damage. Porcelain is denser than ceramic so it is less porous and more resistant to water damage.


Porcelain will also be more durable in the long run, its competition lending it to this durability. If there is going to be a lot of foot traffic or heavy usage, porcelain will last much longer than ceramic. Another thing to consider if if chips occur with ceramic tiling, you will have to match your original tile’s color with a new glaze. With porcelain, the color runs uniform through out the tile so you won’t even notice it. 


And finally, depending on whether you are doing this yourself at home or not, you might want to consider a category where ceramic edges porcelain out—cutting the tile itself. If you are planning on taking this project on at home, you can cut your ceramic tiles by hand at home with ease. However, when you are talking about doing the same thing with porcelain you might be making a mistake thinking you can cut this at home alone. It takes a more experienced touch with these to be cut properly and you don’t want to waste any materials.


These are just some highlights regarding these two types of tile and what sets them apart. Now that you are armed with the knowledge to make an informed decision head on down to Dolphin Tile so we can show you your options in person!

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