Crafty Ways to Work From Home

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If you’re a stay home who would like to make some extra money, a profitable way to do so is to transform your crafting talents into sellable items. Thanks to the internet it’s now quite easy to do so. In the past this typically required building relationships with store owners, or hosting small parties in your home. Now, you just need to collaborate with an online retail opportunity and watch the cash flow in! Here are two great ways to do it!

Knitting Cents

Like to knit? If so try out a website called Ravelry. It’s a community where knitters and chrocheters dish about their passion. A company called Leethalknits hires people to try out projects and provide feedback. They contact you when a new project is up for distribution. They provide the weight and amount of yarn, size of the knitting needles, embellishments, and the pattern. Testers (that’s you) then leave feedback on a Google document. Projects must be completed by a deadline. If feedback, corrections, and pattern instructions are submitted on time, the knitter receives a copy of the finished pattern as well as approximately $20 credit to spend in a virtual knitting store. If projects are big or require you to finish on tight deadline you’ll potentially be paid more. Although the payout isn’t actually money, an avid knitter who spends a lot on supplies can definitely have a positive impact on the household budget by eliminating that cost!

Etsy Betsy

Make the most of Etsy. Etsy is a well know website these days but for those of you who aren’t yet in the know, Etsy is an online ecommerce website where talented crafters sell their wares. The initial basic premise was anything handmade when the site first launched. This has expanded to things like creating collections. For example, some people will create kits by compiling theme based scrapbook layout components and then sell all of the items together for a base price. Let’s say you just returned from a trip to New York and you made the world’s coolest two-page scrapbook layout. Simply buy multiples of the items you used, make them into a kit, package them smartly, and sell them!  Or, if you’re actually crafty with your hands, create an Etsy store and sell neat things such as embellished shoes or snazzy headbands. Sure, you can keep selling these things at farmer’s markets and craft fairs, but your sales will likely spike when you add Etsy to the equation. It’s a big money opportunity!

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