Kitchen Facelift

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Do you find yourself wanting to give your kitchen a small face lift, but unsure of ways to do so? There are many ways you can give your kitchen a new look, some of them projects that you can do it yourself! Don’t be discouraged if you feel like you can’t think of anything, here are a couple of fun ways to give your kitchen a new look.


The most dramatic change in a kitchen comes from replacement.  Replacing floor is an amazing place to start and can be done without breaking the bank.  Worn floors in a small space can exude a dingy feeling.  Have you always dreamed of wood floors in your kitchen but thought it was impossible with all of the moisture?  Take a look at wood-look tile!  With the advances in digital printing, many wood-look tiles are difficult to distinguish from wood planks. The maintenance for these tiles is the same as other porcelain tile,  


One great way to make the space look new is to use the idea of hanging kitchen items. You might add a pots and pans holder that hands from the ceiling over your kitchen island. Or if you have a large wall that is either empty or housing that same old tired picture that’s been there for years, take it down and add hooks around the wall randomly and hang your cooking utensils! For a relatively inexpensive price you can go out and get some new utensils if you don’t like the ones you have and purchase some that appeal to you. Depending on your handiness, you might even be able to build the pots and pans holder yourself!


Another great way to give your kitchen a facelift is to change the color. Find a color you would love, and paint an accent wall. Then go out and find a few nice kitchen items in that color, such as a colored mixing bowl or kitchen towels. These items don’t have to be regulated to kitchen related things, you could also find decorations you like ore replace your kitchen blinds. These items being scattered around your kitchen will create pops of color that relate back to your accent wall. 


The freest of all of these ideas? Floor plan and do a complete shuffle of your kitchen. Move your kitchen table, reorganize all of your cabinets and make it look like a completely new kitchen! It may take some time to get used to the new layout, but oftentimes just updating the layout of a room can really make it feel brand new.


These are just a few suggestions for someone who may be thinking about a kitchen update. These ideas may be just the thing you’re looking for!

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