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Laminate isn’t always the first thing you imagine when you are redoing the floors in your house. You may want to rethink that sentiment when you research a little bit more about the new options available to you. Gone are the days of the cheap laminate from the 70s—modern day laminate can be molded to mimic real wood and tiling in a way that was not available before and at a fraction of the cost of natural materials. This can change the game for families who are on a budget and may need to use the money elsewhere in their remodel.

Due to modern technology, laminate flooring is able to be produced at quality levels that would fool most—companies can mimic texture and color and method of installation to create a realistic rendition of whatever material you are trying to mimic. You can find laminate that looks like wood and even natural stone. But it’s ability to save you money while also recreating the material you wanted to use originally isn’t laminate’s only plus side.


Laminate is easy to maintain—not only is it a breeze to clean up on a regular basis, an important fact for those with children, but it is also stain resistant. This can be very useful in rooms such as your kitchen and living room where spills are more prone to occurring. This type of flooring is also not prone to fading with direct sun light which is a concern with hardwood floors. 


Laminate is also very durable. If you have a high energy household with pets and children running around, laminate is a great choice to consider. It is exceptionally durable and is very resistant to impacts and indentations. This is great for accommodating households and rooms with high foot traffic. 


Don’t knock laminate until you’ve at least explored this option. Just take a look at the picture above and see how realistically it mimics the natural materials it is meant to copy. If you are dying to get started on your remodel but the costs of natural materials scares you away every time, consider laminate for your family’s household. Come check out our selection at Dolphin Carpet and see how laminate might be right for you!

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