How To Keep a Potted Hydrangea in its Pot Long Term

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Hydrangeas are exquisitely beautiful flowering bushes, but they are demanding little dears! If you want to plant one directly in your yard it’s not such a big deal. You’ll only have to fuss over it long enough to let it grow a strong root system. At which point you won’t have to water it nearly as frequently. But what if you really love the way hydrangeas look in a pot, and you simply must have it as part of your newest garden design? Well, then, you will love this neat trick! Here’s how to keep a potted hydrangea potted without allowing it to become a daily nuisance.

Find a large pot that will allow it to grow. It will get much larger and it has an aggressive root system. It’s important that the pot has very large drainage hole. Place the pot in a flower garden bed or an area where there is bare soil. During the first year your hydrangea will function as if it’s potted indoors so you’ll have to ensure that you water it consistently. During the second year however, the roots will find their way through the drainage hole and begin growing into the soil. Now you’re in business. Your hydrangea is setting up permanent residence in its pot by way of easy access to the rich soil below the pot. With its roots now in the ground it will require far less watering. It’s also a cold hardy plant so you won’t have to baby it every time temps outside are bit on the low end.

All of the time and attentiveness you showed it in its early phase is now paying off.  Want to go on vacation? Pack those bags and send your hydrangea a post card. It’ll be just fine when you return as long as it’s not an exceptionally long trip. Hiring a neighborhood kid to stop by and water should suffice. In other words, if said teenager doesn’t exactly handle their responsibilities as you’d expect, you’ll still have pretty flowers when you get home.

So what happens if you want to move it? Well, it’s unlikely this will be a friendly encounter if you want to change pots. However, if all you want to do is move the location of the pot, you’re in luck. This is how you can keep a hydrangea potted. Simply cut the roots right below the pot and transplant it to its new location. Potted hydrangeas aren’t stubborn about change, and they’re even easier to move when they’re dormant. Voila! It has a permanent happy home and can move it around to your heart’s content.

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