Pantone’s Colors of the Year: Using Rose Quartz and Serenity in your Seaside Simplicity Design Style

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naturally to those living near the ocean—Seaside Simplicity. Since Dolphin Carpet and Tile are located in Florida, we’re truly lucky to have the beauty of the ocean surrounding us. Pantone’s chosen colors of Rose Quartz and Serenity have been used for what seems like millennia by ocean inspired decorators. So, our question we’ll address today, is how to use these colors in a modern, fresh way. Maybe you already have these colors in your home and want a new look with the same colors—we’re here to help. Visit our website’s Design Center to learn more about the Seaside Simplicity style of decorating.


Your first step will be to give away or sell anything you feel is outdated, worn out, or just not needed. Allow yourself a time to live with less, while you shop for updated items to complete your new look. Have patience as you look for just the right items, furnishings, art and textiles. Take time to decide if you’ll go more modern, more traditional, or if you’ll stick to your current style. With this time in your space with fewer accessories and furnishings, you’re likely to get a clearer picture of what bigger changes to make; wall color, flooring, lighting, etc. Then you can fill it back in with items that will go with any big changes you make.

When you’re ready to buy new accessories, art, upholstery, throw pillows and lamps, think about not only the color scheme, but the interplay between darks and lights. Your overall look will be more dynamic if you include some darker tones paired with the lighter pastels of Serenity and Rose Quartz. You don’t want your rooms overwhelmed with all pastels. If you lean toward darker tones, add touches of pastel. If you lean toward the pastel, add touches of dark in the same or similar colors.

Notice in the image below, how the dark and light blues and greys work well together, and the pop of pink adds extra interest:


For an updated seaside look, go for a neutral pallet with the bigger items like furniture, and accessorize with the Pantone colors. The ocean and seaside surroundings offer unending inspiration that can be translated into home décor.

Most importantly, be sure to express your personality in your space and enjoy including what nature has to offer to make your home a unique and comfortable daily retreat.

Let us know in the comments if you enjoy decorating in this style and if you’ll be using the Pantone colors this year. Happy redecorating!

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