Pantone’s Colors of the Year: Using Rose Quartz and Serenity in your Urban Chic Décor

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Welcome to our second post in a series about redecorating your home using this year’s Pantone Colors. Today we are going to talk about incorporating Rose Quartz and Serenity into your Modern, Contemporary and Minimalist Décor Styles. We like to call these combined styles, Urban Chic. Visit our website’s Design Center for more description of this style and read about other styles.

Generally, the Urban Chic style includes clean lines, little clutter, neutral color palettes, and low simple furnishings. Due to your dislike of clutter and limited color palette, incorporating these two colors into your décor could be challenging. So the first step is to decide how much you love these colors and how committed you want to be in using them.

I LOVE these colors! I want them all over my house:

Since you love these colors, a good place to add them in your home is on your floor and walls. Look for floor options such as carpet or area rugs in your style that include these shades of pink or blue (the photo above is Mohawk Added Pizazz in New Dawn) and definitely start shopping for a couple large scale artworks that includes either color. Adding an accent chair or side table would also be a fun way to use the colors. Another way to include these colors is by changing out your dinnerware. This way, you can see your new favorite colors every day when you eat!

In the room pictured below, notice how the pop of color in the art, adds vibrancy to the black and white color scheme in the room.


I LIKE the colors, and want to use them for a season, then move on:

Due to your Urban Chic sensibilities, you might not have many knick-knacks around to switch out with the new colors. If this is true of you, one great way to add in accent colors is by changing the pots for your houseplants. If you don’t have houseplants, start shopping and look for pots with the minimalist shapes you like, in the Rose Quartz or Serenity hues. House plants are great in any style of home. If you do have house plants, we admit, it’s a major pain to switch out their pots, but the result would be worth the effort if you find a few pots you love. Also look for throw pillows at your favorite stores, kitchen towels, unique vases and fresh, light pink flowers for your kitchen table.


We hope this helps get you started on the fun project of updating the look of your home. How do you feel about the colors of the year? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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