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Removing Easter Egg Dye from Carpet

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It’s that time of year again, spring is here! We hope you had a very wonderful Easter holiday and had fun dying eggs. This is a fun activity, but if you happen to have carpet and children, there is a chance some egg dye may reach the carpet.  Don’t panic! There is a way to spot treat the stain.

As with any stains you want to act immediately. Always test a spot removing solution on a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet before applying it directly to the stain. If there is no color loss or change on the test area, it should be safe to use on the stain. You can make your own detergent solution.  Just mix 1/4 teaspoon of clear liquid dish detergent with one cup of warm water.

Apply a little of the solution to a clean dry cloth. Carefully and softly work it into the stain. Start from the edges and work your way in. Once the solution is applied to the stain, use another clean dry cloth to blot up the excess solution. Lastly add a small amount of warm water and blot the remaining moisture up. This is done to get rid of the solution residue.

You may need to repeat this last step several times to get the cleaner off the carpet. It is important to remove the solution from the carpet because it leaves behind a residue that attracts soil, dust and other dirt. Look for the absence of bubbles and shine to know when the stain has been thoroughly rinsed.

If the stain doesn’t come out immediately use the solution and warm water until the stain is lifted up. Keep in mind to be very gentle and careful not to rub the stain – only blot. The goal is to gently work in the solution and then absorb the stain into a dry cloth.

For a quick reference to this and other spot removing advice, take a look at our Floor Care & Stain Guide.

Curating Your Space

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As the curator of your own living space, you are constantly selecting and evaluating what you want surrounding you in your home. Even if unconsciously, you choose items, colors and patterns that have value to you, all related to how they make you feel. Ideally, your home can be a sanctuary and place of retreat away from all the demands of our busy lives. This is why it’s important to take the time to consider what we include in our living spaces.

If you think of your home as a carefully curated space, not solely for the purpose of being appealing to other people, but for the purpose of offering you rest and peace, this will help guide you as you decorate. Whether decorating is a one-time project for you, or an ongoing hobby, carefully choose the furniture, finishes, art, and items that fill your rooms, based on what is meaningful to you.

As you make selections for your home think about not only the initial appeal to your senses, but also what speaks to you about your passions, desires and unique personality. You’ll find when you think deeply about what goes into your home, your personality will be reflected in your design and you’ll find more rest in your space.

It also helps to know a little bit about art theory and design principles as you’re creating a space. If you educate yourself about how colors interact with each other, the elements involved in creating balance and harmony, and how to use texture and shape to create a unified space, you’ll have a better grasp on achieving looks you like. You’ll be the curator and artist of your own home.

“Allow yourself the patience to know it will all come together in time and enjoy the process! For me home décor is not a goal, but a continually evolving and kinetic art project.” –Amy Butler

As you look at your home as a series of blank canvas, a gallery of who you are, be thoughtful, educated and brave as you make your home into a place of rest and enjoyment for you and your loved ones. Embrace your inner artistry, have fun and take charge as you curate your space.

St. Patrick’s Day White Chocolate Bark

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Chocolate bark is not just for Christmas. It can be prepared for almost any holiday; you just have to be creative with what themed treats you use. This recipe was created by trying to figure out what themed treats could be added to a bark in order to create a tasty St. Patrick’s Day treat!


What You Will Need:

Box of Lucky Charms Cereal

12 oz. White chocolate chips

3 cups of mini marshmallows

1 tbsp. butter

1 cup of rainbow colored sprinkles


First empty the contents of the cereal into a large bowl. This is the most time consuming part. By hand pick out the colorful marshmallows and place into a separate bowl. Discard the cereal once all of the marshmallows have been picked out.

Melt the chocolate chips in a pot on the stove. Turn on low heat and add the butter. Stir the mixture constantly, mixing the butter completely. Keep stirring to prevent it from burning and keep chocolate in liquid form.

Next add the mini marshmallows and mix well with chocolate. Once the mini marshmallows are coated with the chocolate, remove from heat. While the mixture is still malleable and not too hot, add in the lucky charm marshmallows. If the mixture is too hot the lucky charms will melt. Next spoon all contents into a square or rectangular baking pan. I use my 9×13 inch pan.

Lastly, dust the bark with rainbow sprinkles and let cool. Once the bark is cool cut bark into rectangular pieces and serve!

Spring Cleaning Continued

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Get a head start on spring cleaning by starting early on the inside of your home!

Refresh carpet and area rugs by doing a more thorough cleaning regime. Vacuum the normal traffic paths more slowly than usual, giving the vacuum a chance to work a bit harder.  Use the attachments on the vacuum to remove dust from baseboards and to reach the edges of the carpet and locations that are harder to reach.  Move furniture to clean underneath and remove built up dust from high surfaces.  Think of the tops of bookcases, curtain rods (and the tops of curtains), the tops of cupboards and tall appliances. Make an appointment to have your carpets professionally cleaned.  This helps to extend the life and beauty of your carpet.  Ask us if you have any questions!

Clean under the stove burners by mixing ½ cup of baking soda with several drops of water. The ideal consistency desired is a paste. Next ball up some aluminum foil, add some baking soda paste and rub your metal discs clean. The aluminum foil is good for really rubbing off stuck on stains. The baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent to use, without being exposing yourself to harsh chemicals.

Clean smudges off walls and doors with any type brand of magic erasers. I buy the off brand because it works just as well as the name brand. You can find these tough little cleaning tools in the cleaning section of any grocery store. Lightly dampen the eraser with water and start out by lightly scrubbing the wall or door with the eraser. Smudges will rub off with ease. Just be careful not to rub too hard because the eraser can rub some of the finish off.

Use a vacuum hose with the brush attachment to clean off air returns. Because the air is being sucked into the air return vents, dust and dirt accumulate. These can especially become dirty if they are placed close to the floor, where pets walk by them daily. 

Don’t Forget to Clean These Things for Spring

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While spring cleaning is underway, don’t forget to clean these everyday items. The following things are commonly over looked, and get very dirty!

Start with the electronics. Use a cleaning wipe to disinfect the computer keyboard, tablets, cell phones and remote controls. These items have become such a big part of our daily life. We share these items with other members of the family and they are constantly being handled by dirty hands. These items need to be cleaned more than once a year, try cleaning them at least once a week.

Upholstery and throw pillows attract dust mites, mold and allergens. Upholstery and throw pillows are constantly in contact with skin and airborne allergens.  You can clean these things best by removing the covers and hand wash, if the items are washable. Do not dry them, let them air dry. If the covers are not removable, then use a vacuum cleaning hose on them. 

Disinfect all of the trash cans in the house. The lids and interiors of trash cans harbor the germs from the trash they come in contact with. You can clean these out by spraying them down with a hose and dish soap. After they have dried then return them indoors. Alternatively, you can use disinfecting cleaning wipes on the entire can. These also should be cleaned more than once a year. Clean trash cans at least every season, to reduce the amount of germs your family comes in contact with.

The coffee pot and it’s working parts should be cleaned every couple of months. The inside of the machine is damp and grows mold. You should run a full pot of water with coffee machine cleaner through the machine to clean the interior. After that place the pot, lid and filter holder in the dishwasher to disinfect.

There are so many things in the home that we use daily and share with the family that are forgotten. Try and stay on top of these dirty items throughout the entire year. Don’t just wait for spring to clean.

Taco Bowls

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Making a fun and delicious family meal doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. In fact the chicken can be cooked in the crock pot while you are at work. This recipe can be adjusted to feed two to four people. The ingredients do not have to be exact. If you want more or less of anything you can adjust.


2-4 Boneless chicken breast (depending on how many people you are feeding, estimating one chicken breast for every one to two people)

1 Jar of Mild Salsa for every two chicken breast

Packet of Chicken Taco Seasoning

Tortilla Chips

Bag of Shredded Lettuce

1 Large Tomato

Sour Cream

Shredded Mexican Cheese, or queso (heated in sauce pan)



Rub boneless chicken with the taco seasoning for chicken. Place chicken in crock pot and cover with salsa. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. After cooking, the chicken should be easily shred into smaller pieces.

Place tortilla chips into serving bowls. Top chips with the shredded chicken. Then add the shredded lettuce and chopped tomato. Add a dollop of sour cream on top.  Sprinkle on shredded Mexican cheese.

Suggestion: Buy a block of Mexican queso. Cube cheese or shred. Add cheese to sauce pan and pour ¼ cup of milk in. Melt cheese on low and continue to stir. The cheese will thicken and then you can pour over your taco bowl.

Let the crock pot do the hard work. All you have left to do is prep and serve for dinner!

Decorating a Dining Room

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Dining rooms should be an intimate space you share with your family and friends. Find out how to decorate the space to spark a loving dining environment!

Mix wood tones. Wood evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. In dining rooms feel free to use a wooden table, paired with a different wood species for the chairs. If you prefer your table to match the chairs, select a different wood species for the china cabinet. Lighter to medium wood tones are easier to mix than dark woods.

Chair selections should be comfortable and easy to clean. Leather is a great option for this particular space. Be warned that flaws in the leather or scuffs can be seen more easily in white or cream leather.  Opting for colorful or dark leather will help to hide inconsistencies.  If you would rather choose a different material, select a stain resistant fabric. Fabric with tight patterns do a better job at concealing stains. Make sure above all that the chairs are comfortable!

Choose intimate lighting. If possible, install a chandelier that can be dimmed by a dimmer switch or have one installed. Being able to dim the lights allows various levels of light and promotes an intimate setting. To enhance the mood, add a pair of white candles to the table. This helps the room to sparkle in the low lighting.

Select a darker paint color for the walls. The dining room should have a warm feeling. This can be achieved by using a darker tones of the same color from the neighboring rooms. Stay away from bright colors and look for colors that have warm undertones.

Make sure there is a rug under the table. A plush rug adds a comfort level that is necessary in a dining room. This is especially pleasant if the flooring is a hardwood or tile. Rugs highlight the seating area and help to keep the space pulled together.

Do you have a favorite trick when it comes to decorating a dining room?  Let us know in the comments!