Curating Your Space

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As the curator of your own living space, you are constantly selecting and evaluating what you want surrounding you in your home. Even if unconsciously, you choose items, colors and patterns that have value to you, all related to how they make you feel. Ideally, your home can be a sanctuary and place of retreat away from all the demands of our busy lives. This is why it’s important to take the time to consider what we include in our living spaces.

If you think of your home as a carefully curated space, not solely for the purpose of being appealing to other people, but for the purpose of offering you rest and peace, this will help guide you as you decorate. Whether decorating is a one-time project for you, or an ongoing hobby, carefully choose the furniture, finishes, art, and items that fill your rooms, based on what is meaningful to you.

As you make selections for your home think about not only the initial appeal to your senses, but also what speaks to you about your passions, desires and unique personality. You’ll find when you think deeply about what goes into your home, your personality will be reflected in your design and you’ll find more rest in your space.

It also helps to know a little bit about art theory and design principles as you’re creating a space. If you educate yourself about how colors interact with each other, the elements involved in creating balance and harmony, and how to use texture and shape to create a unified space, you’ll have a better grasp on achieving looks you like. You’ll be the curator and artist of your own home.

“Allow yourself the patience to know it will all come together in time and enjoy the process! For me home décor is not a goal, but a continually evolving and kinetic art project.” –Amy Butler

As you look at your home as a series of blank canvas, a gallery of who you are, be thoughtful, educated and brave as you make your home into a place of rest and enjoyment for you and your loved ones. Embrace your inner artistry, have fun and take charge as you curate your space.

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