Decorating a Dining Room

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Dining rooms should be an intimate space you share with your family and friends. Find out how to decorate the space to spark a loving dining environment!

Mix wood tones. Wood evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. In dining rooms feel free to use a wooden table, paired with a different wood species for the chairs. If you prefer your table to match the chairs, select a different wood species for the china cabinet. Lighter to medium wood tones are easier to mix than dark woods.

Chair selections should be comfortable and easy to clean. Leather is a great option for this particular space. Be warned that flaws in the leather or scuffs can be seen more easily in white or cream leather.  Opting for colorful or dark leather will help to hide inconsistencies.  If you would rather choose a different material, select a stain resistant fabric. Fabric with tight patterns do a better job at concealing stains. Make sure above all that the chairs are comfortable!

Choose intimate lighting. If possible, install a chandelier that can be dimmed by a dimmer switch or have one installed. Being able to dim the lights allows various levels of light and promotes an intimate setting. To enhance the mood, add a pair of white candles to the table. This helps the room to sparkle in the low lighting.

Select a darker paint color for the walls. The dining room should have a warm feeling. This can be achieved by using a darker tones of the same color from the neighboring rooms. Stay away from bright colors and look for colors that have warm undertones.

Make sure there is a rug under the table. A plush rug adds a comfort level that is necessary in a dining room. This is especially pleasant if the flooring is a hardwood or tile. Rugs highlight the seating area and help to keep the space pulled together.

Do you have a favorite trick when it comes to decorating a dining room?  Let us know in the comments!  

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