Don’t Forget to Clean These Things for Spring

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While spring cleaning is underway, don’t forget to clean these everyday items. The following things are commonly over looked, and get very dirty!

Start with the electronics. Use a cleaning wipe to disinfect the computer keyboard, tablets, cell phones and remote controls. These items have become such a big part of our daily life. We share these items with other members of the family and they are constantly being handled by dirty hands. These items need to be cleaned more than once a year, try cleaning them at least once a week.

Upholstery and throw pillows attract dust mites, mold and allergens. Upholstery and throw pillows are constantly in contact with skin and airborne allergens.  You can clean these things best by removing the covers and hand wash, if the items are washable. Do not dry them, let them air dry. If the covers are not removable, then use a vacuum cleaning hose on them. 

Disinfect all of the trash cans in the house. The lids and interiors of trash cans harbor the germs from the trash they come in contact with. You can clean these out by spraying them down with a hose and dish soap. After they have dried then return them indoors. Alternatively, you can use disinfecting cleaning wipes on the entire can. These also should be cleaned more than once a year. Clean trash cans at least every season, to reduce the amount of germs your family comes in contact with.

The coffee pot and it’s working parts should be cleaned every couple of months. The inside of the machine is damp and grows mold. You should run a full pot of water with coffee machine cleaner through the machine to clean the interior. After that place the pot, lid and filter holder in the dishwasher to disinfect.

There are so many things in the home that we use daily and share with the family that are forgotten. Try and stay on top of these dirty items throughout the entire year. Don’t just wait for spring to clean.

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