Spring Cleaning Continued

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Get a head start on spring cleaning by starting early on the inside of your home!

Refresh carpet and area rugs by doing a more thorough cleaning regime. Vacuum the normal traffic paths more slowly than usual, giving the vacuum a chance to work a bit harder.  Use the attachments on the vacuum to remove dust from baseboards and to reach the edges of the carpet and locations that are harder to reach.  Move furniture to clean underneath and remove built up dust from high surfaces.  Think of the tops of bookcases, curtain rods (and the tops of curtains), the tops of cupboards and tall appliances. Make an appointment to have your carpets professionally cleaned.  This helps to extend the life and beauty of your carpet.  Ask us if you have any questions!

Clean under the stove burners by mixing ½ cup of baking soda with several drops of water. The ideal consistency desired is a paste. Next ball up some aluminum foil, add some baking soda paste and rub your metal discs clean. The aluminum foil is good for really rubbing off stuck on stains. The baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent to use, without being exposing yourself to harsh chemicals.

Clean smudges off walls and doors with any type brand of magic erasers. I buy the off brand because it works just as well as the name brand. You can find these tough little cleaning tools in the cleaning section of any grocery store. Lightly dampen the eraser with water and start out by lightly scrubbing the wall or door with the eraser. Smudges will rub off with ease. Just be careful not to rub too hard because the eraser can rub some of the finish off.

Use a vacuum hose with the brush attachment to clean off air returns. Because the air is being sucked into the air return vents, dust and dirt accumulate. These can especially become dirty if they are placed close to the floor, where pets walk by them daily. 

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