About Natural Stone

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Natural stone options that are available to you, is granite, marble, slate and limestone. This material is one of the oldest building materials and been around since ancient times. The aesthetic qualities are organic and beautiful. It is made under the earth’s surface over thousands and even millions of years.

Some things you need to consider when deciding to use natural stone is knowing that different patterns and variation will occur. What you order will not look exactly like the sample in the showroom. Typically each piece is unlike any other piece. This is important information to keep in mind when shopping for natural stone. This is not a negative though – think of each piece as being unique and different from any other piece. This is a positive attribute if you wish to have a unique look in your home that is not a material that will look just like the neighbor’s house. This material will add to the value of your home and it will create a timeless look.

Natural stone needs to be maintained regularly by sweeping and mopping because dirt and sand can be abrasive to the stone’s surface. Do not use harsh cleaning products on this material. It is best to use a broom to clean the dirt and sand from the surface and then clean with a mop and a little warm water. When moving furniture and other heavy items across stone flooring make sure the stone is protected by putting easy glide feet on the furniture that’s being moved. This natural material can be scratched and chipped under pressure.

Another wonderful location to decorate with natural stone – use the natural stone on the walls and around fireplace surrounds. This will give you the best of the beauty and timeless qualities of this amazing material! 

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