Green Smoothie Pops

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Looking for a great way to stay healthy? Green smoothies are a great way to get extra nutrition into your day while enjoying a delicious treat! These are packed with vitamins and minerals, plus having a green smoothie in the morning gives you plenty of energy throughout the day. Making smoothie pops is an easy way to have the smoothie readily available each morning without having to prepare it every day. This recipe will make about 6 pops.

What you will need:

A Kiwi
A blender or food processor
Popsicle trays or an ice tray
One large banana
One cup of frozen or fresh blueberries
A handful of baby spinach
Half a cup of milk or coconut milk

Spray the ice tray or popsicle tray with a light coating of nonstick olive oil spray. This is done so the pop will slide right out without sticking. The pops will easily slide right out of the tray without any force needed. Slice the kiwi into thin round pieces. Place a kiwi slice in the tray before adding the smoothie.

Add the banana, blueberries, spinach and milk to the blender. When the contents are well mixed you are ready to fill the tray. The contents are rather thick, therefore use a spoon to fill the trays. Place a stick in the middle and freeze overnight.

These pops are perfect to start your day off as well as having enjoyable snacks available. You should be able to notice an energy boost about 30 minutes after eating a pop. Feel free to add strawberries or pineapple for added flavor and extra vitamins.

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