Save Egg Shells for the Garden

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Egg shells are perfect for gardening! There are many added benefits to using them in any garden. Find out how to add them to your garden for enriched soil as well as keeping critters away!

These hard shells provide an excellent source of calcium to soil, seedlings and plants. Before planting, add crushed up egg shells to the soil and rake it in. Having extra calcium in the soil is beneficial for brand new seedlings. It also benefits the plant after it starts to mature. After plants have been sown into the ground, continue to add cracked egg shells to the top of the soil. This will keep beetles and slugs out of your garden.

After cracking the egg shells and removing the actual egg, gently wash the shell out with warm water. Line a container with paper towels and lay the egg shells out, allowing ample room for air to circulate the entire egg; especially the interior. Place the shells in a dry place where they can have access to the sun. It takes about two days to dry the shells completely. The shells may seem dry after a day, however the membrane inside (that holds the shell together) needs longer to dry. If this membrane is not completely dry, it will cling to the shell and make it harder to break the shell up into small pieces.

After a couple days in the sun, either break shells up by hand or use a hand held kitchen gadget. A food processor or a coffee grinder works great. Careful not to break the shells up too finely. There should be little pieces about ¼ of an inch by a ¼ of an inch and some pieces that are smaller. These pieces are the part that keep pesky beetles and slugs away from your garden. These pieces of shells actually act like pieces of glass and cut up these pesky garden destroyers. This is a process that can be applied to the top of garden soil about every week or so. With that said save your shells and do not simply toss them in the trash!

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