Upload a Photo in the Virtual Room Designer

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Using a photo of an existing room is an excellent place to start if you are considering upgrading or renovating a space. Once you have decided a direction to go in, upload the photo of your room and try and achieve the certain design style you are aiming for. This tool makes the design process easier by giving you the opportunity to see what the actual room will look like. It also allows you to tweak many different aspects of the room.

Upload your photo and then we will take the necessary steps to make your photo interactive with our software. In about three business days we will send you a notification in your email, letting you know when your photo is available to use in the virtual design center. This is a free service that is provided by us, so why not take advantage of all the tools we offer right at your fingertips?

Start by selecting what you know you like. If you know you want a warm gray paint color, make this change in the virtual room designer first. From there you can play around with different floor materials and finishes. This is a great opportunity to view what carpet, tile or hardwood floor will look like in the actual space. Change existing cabinet styles and look at the different finishes available.

Make sure you save your room designs as you go along. This will ensure having the ability to go back and take note of certain materials, finishes and patterns that you approve of. You can print these photos out and hang them somewhere you can see them and think for a couple of days.

This tool is also helpful in showing you what your room can look like after upgrades are made. It will also give you an idea of other areas that may need work that you haven’t thought of. When planning a renovation or upgrades, this is the perfect place to start. Our software assists you in the process and helps you understand what materials and finishes to select!

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