Help Your Daughter to Prepare for a Formal Dance Part 2

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Okay, so you’ve got everything covered so far because you followed our advice in Part 1. Three months ahead of time you did as much prep work as possible. Now it’s countdown time! Let’s take a look at all of the important consideration you need to make when the dance is just one month away.

1 month

  • Make a salon appointment for her hair and nails.
  • Arrange any alterations that the dress may need, and plan on more than one visit.

1 week

  • Help her and her friends pick a great place to take ‘before’ photos. Typically everyone, meaning all of the kids and parents, meet in one spot so capturing the moment is easily done as a group. Keep lighting in mind too! Outdoors in soft, natural, late afternoon light will provide the best photos.
  • If she’s going to wear heels have her walk around in them at home for a few days so she doesn’t feel like Bambi on the big night.
  • Do a trial run with her hair and makeup. This is a great way to prevent mental meltdowns on the day of the dance.

Day before

  • Take her for her manicure and pedicure. It’s best to wait until the day before because teenagers are active and distracted and there’s a good chance she’ll ruin it ahead of time.
  • Stock her evening bag. She’ll need enough cash for whatever may come up and this should include cab fare in case anything should happen to go wrong and she wants to come home. She’ll also need lipstick, a compact mirror, perfume, blotting papers, etc.
  • Purchase a corsage for her date.

Night before

  • Fully charge her phone because she will be LIVING on it the whole next day.
  • Make her go to bed early, no matter how excited she is.
  • Have her drink extra water so she looks her best on the big night.
  • Create a little itinerary for the next day so time doesn’t slip away too fast for her to be ready.

Day of

  • Keep her phone charging while she’s using it so it has full battery power when she heads out for the night.
  • Make it all come to life!

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