Help Your Daughter to Prepare for a Formal Dance

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We know family is important to all of our customers.  We have put together this information to help with this important time of the year.

There are few things as sacred and magical as a formal dance in high school. It is one of our most treasured and timeless traditions. While some girls could take or leave it, most are thrilled to pieces when the time finally comes to be part of something so special.

Their excitement is awesome and contagious, but it lacks one important thing. Practicality! While your daughter’s heart is dreaming of the prettiest night ever, her head is not thinking through the logistics.

This is your chance to be super-mom and prove to her exactly why she couldn’t possibly ever live without you. This will make you feel good too because in just a few short years she’ll leave the nest and need you a little less. Here’s your opportunity Mom! Follow this plan and help make it her best night ever!

3 months in advance

  • Purchase prom tickets and any photography packages that will be offered.
  • Purchase the dress! As well as the bag, shoes, and jewelry to go with it. By getting an early start you’ll have the very best selection.  You might also be able to get the best price because retailers aren’t yet trying to hone in on formal event demand, like they will when prom is right around the corner.
  • Make sure the bag is large enough to carry everything she’ll need that night. (See Part 2.) Function, then form.
  • Be the voice of reason when it comes to the shoes. She may love a pair of three inch high heels, but they may not be age appropriate. Worse, she’ll be totally miserable in them within thirty minutes on the night of the dance.
  • Where jewelry is concerned, let her have fun! It’s not something we get to go crazy with on a daily basis.
  • Have her decide what she’d like her hair, makeup, and nails to look like.
  • Set a transportation plan for the evening. Keep in mind that teenagers often consider a formal dance the ideal excuse to ride in a limo. If this is going to be the case, go ahead and book the limo because they will become scarce closer to the date of the dance.

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