How To Make Citronella Candles

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The time of year is upon us when bugs and mosquitoes are beginning to be overbearing. They’re a nuisance at parties and barbeques, they really annoying in the yard, and they cause a lot of grumbling when camping. And that’s before they bite! If one manages to get to you, then you have to deal with the irritation and itchiness that follows. Retailers know this and so they charge a pretty penny for any outdoor remedies. Did you know you can make your own citronella candles? It’s both easy and cheap!!! So much so that you’ll be able to make enough of them to completely protect the outdoor space you’re trying to enjoy.

Shopping List

  • Mason Jars
  • Citronella Torch Fuel
  • 1/8” Lamp Wicks (torch wick replacement or smaller, otherwise flame too big)
  • Nail punch and Nail
  • Hammer

How To

  1. Punch hole in the lid of the Mason jar. Do so through the bottom of the lid so the wick is easy to insert.
  2. Twist and insert wick through bottom of lid and leave 1/8” sticking out of the top.
  3. Fill jar with citronella torch fuel.
  4. Place the wick in the fuel and screw the lid onto the jar.

Because this is so very easy you could also make extras as gifts for the neighbors. Even better, have a candle making party and invite people over to join in on the project and the fun!

Good places to put them:

  • Kitchen window
  • Window Sills
  • Patios
  • Around a campfire
  • Around the entire yard if you’re having a party

Note: Over time you will have to occasionally replace the candles because the rubber ring around lid will eventually melt and make it difficult to reopen the jar.

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