What Works for this Sun Room and What Doesn’t

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This beautiful atrium style sun room has so much potential. Alternately it’s potential is not being utilized. Find out what works in this room and what could be improved upon to make this room live up to its full potential.

Architecture is the key element that the eye is drawn to. The overhead beams, with full of windows serving as the roof, almost makes the eye look past the furniture and flooring, right through the windows to the gorgeous view.

The biggest mistake is that the rhythm is thrown off by the floor material.  The pattern on the floor is distracting to the overall flow of the room, pulling the eyes down rather than allowing to viewer to gaze outside.  Being so close to nature, a nice tile or wood floor would be more appropriate for this space. Adding a warm area rug would pull the seating group together and designate a comfortable space for people to gather.

The table set into this space is a good choice for the room.  The table is long in order to seat at least four individuals, but it is also shallow.  A deeper table would block movement through the space.  

However, the right side of the room contains chairs that do not continue the theme of shallow furniture.  Creatively shallow chairs would be a better fit for the space. It would make it easier to navigate the space and it would feel free flowing.

Notice there is not a large amount of decor in the space, rather the pieces in the sunroom are essential to the space, but nothing further has been added.  This is a wonderful approach to keeping the airy, sunny view.  A crowded room would detract from the space and block the windows.   

Architecturally speaking this sun room is spectacular. Given the furnishings and the layout it feels like an airy space inviting the viewer to gaze outside and enjoy the light. The lesson here is try to carry some unity throughout a space. if it has strong architectural features, mirror them in a subtle way throughout the space.

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