Composting Tips

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Composting is a great way to nurture your garden as well as use food items that would normally be thrown out. This is an easy way to keep your garden healthy, naturally. By composting regularly you have to water and fertilize your garden less. Find out the tips and tricks to pulling this gardening task.

Things to Compost:

Fruit rinds (citrus and melon)

Banana peels

Coffee grounds

Egg shells

Rotten fruit and vegetables

Tea bags

Shredded paper and news paper

Grass clippings

Fireplace ashes


Get a composting pail. These can be purchased at your local home improvement store, in the gardening section. Choose one that has a lid on it. Compost can get smelly and attract fruit flies.

Keep the composting pail in a convenient location. On a patio or porch is a good place since fruit flies will find it. Turn the material inside when it starts to smell and attract flies. Add water to the compost if it has been dry. Keep compost moist. Avoid adding too much water, you do not want it to be completely damp.

Chop up fruits, veggies and the rinds so they can decompose faster. Wash out egg shells before adding them to the compost.

Turning the compost is needed every couple of days. This adds oxygen to the pile; which is needed by microorganisms to break down the material. Use a pitch fork to properly turn the material. When adding organic material make sure to mix it in with the rest of the compost by turning it using the pitch fork. Add compost to your garden about once a week. 

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