Dawn Dish Soap: A Safer Alternative to Pesticides

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When growing your own garden of fruits and vegetables that you intend on eating, it is best to use an organic way to kill insects. The biggest reason most people plant gardens is to eat cleaner and know what exactly is in their food. Having to spray a chemical pesticide on your fruits and veggies, makes you wonder why you didn’t just go to the grocery store. Worry no more, making this solution is safe on plants and still considered organic. Find out how to make your own pest control solution, that is safe to eat and cheaper than a store bought pesticide.

What You Need:

Pure Dawn Dish Soap (do not use the kinds with any degreaser, bleach, perfumes or dyes)

Vegetable Oil


Spray Bottle


Make a mixture of 2 ½ Tbsp. of Dawn dish soap and 2 ½ Tbsp. of vegetable oil. Whisk the mixture in with one gallon of water. Place liquid into a spray bottle. The dish soap suffocates the soft insects and the oil keeps the solution on the plant longer.

It is important to make the solution you need for one application. The solution will not work if you leave it and use it again for a later application.

Generously spray directly onto plants. Make sure and apply the solution on a day where there is no chance of rain and only when the temperature is less than 90 degrees. The plants leaves will burn if this is sprayed on them in 90 degree or above.

This can be done as needed and should be done when you see insects on the plants or in the garden. This solution kills soft bugs, like caterpillars. Apply the application once a week until you see the bugs are gone. If they come back continue to use the spray.

If you wish to make a smaller amount add 1 Tbsp. of the pure dish soap and 1 Tbsp. of vegetable oil to 8 Oz. of water and add that mixture to a spray bottle.  

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