Fun and Free Toddler Activity

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This activity is loads of fun for toddlers and even older children. It encompasses finding a hidden treasure and unwrapping a gift at the same time.

Basically a surprise egg is a plastic egg that has a little toy or trinket inside. It is also wrapped in aluminum foil. Start by finding a little fun toy to hide inside a plastic Easter egg. Once the toy is inside wrap the egg in aluminum foil.  Kids seems to love unwrapping the egg the most. It brings them joy just like unwrapping a gift. Younger kids enjoy unwrapping gifts more than getting a new present.

This activity is so fun and exciting for toddlers. Began to wrap other items in foil. Try wrapping snack items that they can later eat, like apples, bananas and oranges. The excitement is seeing the shape and uncovering what is inside. You can wrap all sorts of things around the house. Other items kids like to unwrap are little toys that that they already own. They also enjoy unwrapping several layers. Once they remove a layer of foil (if they doesn’t shred it) save it to reuse later.

Make sure and be involved and present during this activity. Be there to witness the excitement and ask your toddler questions like “What shape is the surprise?”, “What do you think is in there?”. They love for you to be involved and they love to show you what was uncovered. Make sure while supervising that they do not chew or eat on the foil!

This activity is fun because of the creativity when looking for little things to wrap and deciding what trinkets to hide in the plastic eggs. This can also be done by wrapping things in wrapping paper. Toys that have become tired or boring can have new life if you wrap them and let your little one discover it all over again!

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