How Should I Arrange Pictures on My Wall?

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Family portraits hung on the wall are a great way to display the best memories to those visiting your home.  Beautiful paintings, dramatic photos, or printed words can pull together the decorations in a room.  But the task of hanging pictures on a wall can be an intimidating process.  Spacing, balancing and aligning these items can seem like impossible hurdles, but here are a few tricks that will make picture hanging and arranging much easier.

Use a large piece of paper.  Butcher paper is ideal for this project, but any large piece of paper (or combination of papers) will do.  Leftover pieces of wrapping paper are easy to use, but make sure to use the undecorated side (patterns may be distracting for this task).

Cut the paper to the size of the wall you will be working on. 

Lay the paper flat on the floor.  Arrange the pictures on the paper and take your time arranging them.  This is an easy way to measure, align and space the pictures evenly, or to rearrange them several times.  Once the pictures are just right, take a quick picture of the arrangement in order to remember the correct order.  This will help later on!

Without moving the frames, outline each picture gently on the paper.  Flip each item over to find the hanging point (the point or points that will be in contact with the nail or hook on the wall).  Measure from the top of the picture to this point and mark this on the paper template. 

Hang the paper on the wall, making sure to place it at the right height for the pictures.  Use the template to align nails – just drive the nail through the paper into the wall.  Once all nails are placed, tear the paper away to reveal perfectly placed hanging hardware!

Use the photo you took earlier in the project to remind you of the placement of your pictures.  Step back and admire the amazing arrangement on your wall without the stress of a single misplaced nail!

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