How to Properly Care for and Prune a Tomato Plant

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Tomato plants are a perfect choice for any produce or salad garden. They are easy to care for and produce a good amount of fruit all through the season. Find out how to care for and properly prune your plant that will yield the best results.

Once a week add crushed up egg shells around the base of the plant. This will keep beetles and other bugs from eating the leaves. However this does not keep caterpillars away. They must be treated separately, on a daily basis. These insects not only eat the leaves, but they also eat the tomatoes. Simply spraying the plant with an insect soap killer will not keep the caterpillars away either. If you can, check the plant in the morning and afternoon for caterpillars. When you see them, spray them directly with either a store bought soap killer or make your own.

Making your own soap killer is healthier for both you and the plant. It is made up of only two ingredients rather than containing the many chemicals found in store-bought soap killer. To make your own, add 1 tablespoon of plain dish soap to 8 ounces of water. Mix well and pour contents into a spray bottle.

Water your tomato plant about every two to three days during the summer. Keep in mind how often it has rained along with the amount of rain when determining how much to water the tomatoes. The goal is to soak the soil about six to eight inches in the ground. Water the roots only and make sure you water the plant slowly. Watering the entire plant wastes water and can spread disease.

Prune branches that are damaged or dying. Be very careful not to over prune. It should be done by using clean garden shears. You will want to make a clean, fast cut that is close to the main stem. Make sure not to cut any branches that have buds or are producing fruit. Prune branches that are laying on the soil because they will rot. All leaves on the plant are using the sun and water to provide valuable nutrients to the fruit that it produces.

If you follow these simple tips with your tomato plants this summer, you should have a happy plant providing you delicious summer tomatoes!

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