How to Grow Pineapple from a Pineapple Top

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Growing a pineapple plant is easy to do just by using the top of a pineapple that you cut off. This is a great way to grow your own food without having to purchase seedlings from the store. Find out how to plant pineapple from the top of another pineapple!

Cut off the leafy top about a half an inch below the leaves. Remove the lowest leaves. You want to be able to see the little root buds, that look like little dark dots. You may need to trim the base with a knife or scissors until you can see the buds.

Dry out the top in a sunny place for several days. By drying the top out thoroughly the plant will not begin to rot. It may take up to a week to fully dry the top out. Place the top in a place with good air ventilation.

Next you are going to plant the top into a small pot. Use a potting soil and mix in a little bit of sand. This helps add proper drainage for the young plant. Plant the top in the soil up to the base of the leaves. Water the soil and place in a spot that gets a good amount of indirect light.

Normally it takes the roots about 6-8 weeks to mature. Check and make sure the roots have grown before giving the plant direct sunlight. You can plant the pineapple outside in a partially shaded location. This should be done in the late spring or early summer. The plant will need to be moved inside once the weather becomes cold. Frost will kill the plant so you may want to keep it in a planter. Select a planter that can provide ample room for the plant to grow but allow you to bring it indoors when the chance of frost occurs.

It will probably take one whole year for the plant to begin to bear fruit. Be patient and tend to the plant year round. You will be glad you did once summer rolls around again and you can eat fresh, home grown pineapple!

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