Repurpose a Shed Part 1: For the Kids

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Imagine a scenario where you have freed up storage space because you just did a big reorganization and parted ways with stuff you no longer need. How fun would it be to have an entire shed cleared and free to repurpose into something more fun than storage? We spent some time imagining a few ways and wanted to share with you. In Part 1, we offer you three ideas specific to children. Part 2 will talk about creating spaces just for you.


What child wouldn’t want their own miniature house behind the house? The ways to convert a shed into a playhouse are seemingly endless. Just a quick search on Pinterest will make you want to get started right away!


Arts & Crafts Studio

If you and your family love arts and crafts but dislike a constant mess in your home, a crafting shed would be a great fit and a joy to create.

Photography Studio

Create a place for your budding miniature photographer to take their creativity to the next level and make a child’s photography studio! Go shopping together and pick out different backdrops at the fabric store. Pick wall papers and mount them on boards as another option for backdrops. You can teach them about lighting by buying some used-professional lighting and even get creative and make your own lighting diffusers and reflectors. They can photograph their friends and family, take still-life shots of their toys and their collections from nature. Provide labeled bins for their props and help them get set up with a way to order prints of their favorite shots.


Other things to consider for all options: Remember to include climate control so you and your children can comfortably play in all temperatures. Add windows for natural lighting. Add a tile floor for comfort that is also easy to clean and maintain.  Install window boxes for flowers — a great way to keep the outside of the shed looking as good as your home.

Stay tuned for Part 2 for some ways to convert this space into something just for you.


We’d love to hear from you in the comments if you’ve ever repurposed a shed, or plan on doing this someday!

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