Repurpose a Shed Part 2: Just for You

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In our last post we gave you a few ideas of ways to repurpose a shed into fun creative spaces for your kids. This week, let’s focus on you! Here are a couple great ways to carve out some space for only your interests.


Potting Shed

If you love gardening and don’t already have a place to store pots, tools, extra potting soil and everything else that goes along with your gardening interests, make yourself a potting shed! Add windows for natural lighting to provide a nurturing environment for baby plants. Even better if they provide a view out to the garden. Consider adding a cold frame on the outside of the shed to grow seedlings during the off-season. Add a potting table at standing height and large enough to have room for easy access to hand tools so you can work comfortably. Create space on a wall to hang larger tools so you can easily grab and go to work. Spend some time reading gardening blogs for more ideas on creating the perfect potting shed that will surely make your gardening pursuits more complete!


She Shed

This one might be our favorite idea. Everyone’s heard of “Man-Caves”, but now a new trend has emerged in a similar vein for women, called “She Sheds”. It’s about time, right? Maybe it was the tiny house movement that inspired women to begin creating their very own tiny home away from home. This space could be as simple or as involved as you like, perhaps you want it simple and serene for meditation or even a small yoga studio. 

Or maybe you want your space comfortable and homey, complete with snug furniture, house plants, books, coffee, all the comforts you enjoy. Chose wood-look tile for the floor to create an instant rustic space or an intricate mosaic for a one-of-a-kind get-away.

Don’t skimp on the outside either. Create a cute front porch, landscaping and a tile path back to the house. Again, a quick search on Pinterest will provide you with tons of inspiration!


Enjoy taking some time to dream about creating a new interesting space to nurture your interests and creativity. Let us know in the comments if you decide to repurpose a shed and feel free to ask us if you have any questions!

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