Upcycling – How to Reuse and Repurpose Items Originally Purchased for Kids and Babies

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My goodness! Can we just ALL agree that, for being so small, babies and kids account for a huge part of the family budget? Yes, I think we can! Throughout the course of history one way to overcome this challenge was by gifting or cheaply selling items that one family no longer needs but could be of great use to another family. In 2016, though, the idea of upcycling is hugely popular because it allows you to continue getting value from purchases you already made. Try a few of these neat ideas for getting the most out of the money you spend on your tiny loved ones.


  • Swimming arm “floaties”:  Who would have thought there’d ever be any other purpose for these? They’re such a specific thing. But, once your kiddos can swim, use them to transport glass bottled beverages without breaking. Slip the floaty over a bottle of wine, inflate, and rest assured it won’t shatter when your grumpy teenager slings the bag into the car a little too vigorously!
  • Baby food jars:  The number of these a baby goes through is mind boggling! Sure you could recycle, but instead try storage for mass quantities of items that require a good organizational system. Clean the jars thoroughly and remove as much of the label as possible. To rid of the scent of food, soak in warm soapy water over night. Soak again in water/alcohol mixture is food scent persists. Rinse and air dry. Paint all of the lids the same color so they appear to be coordinated set. Label the tops, fill with spices, and place on a lower roll-out cabinet shelf for quick-glance selection from above while cooking. Or place in a deep drawer for the same effect. (It’s fun to paint the lids with chalkboard paint and label with chalk!)
  • Transform a baby crib into a glass-top table:  This turns out really great! So unique, with an airy quality because of the slats. Especially pretty in a sun room! You’ll need some home improvement skills, or a helper. Start by removing one side of the crib railing, flip it on its side (flat) and screw into frame midway up. It is now a shelf! Make a small investment in a sheet of heavy rectangular glass and place it on top of the crib. Voila, a table! (You of course have the option to paint the crib first if you want to customize the color too.)

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