How to Keep Plants Healthy

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Even though the growing season is coming to an end, don’t give up yet on your garden!  Help it to stay healthy as long as possible. Find out how to determine what is wrong with plants and how to rectify the situation.

If the plant’s leaves have holes in them, it means an insect is eating them. Spray the plant with a mixture of insect killing soap. This item can be purchased at any major retailer or online at stores like Amazon.

Leaves that are turning yellow and looking wilted, typically meant the plant is being over watered. The drainage may not be great. This can be fixed by adding sand to the soil. If that doesn’t help, the plant may need be to be transplanted to a raised garden. You can tell if a plant is not getting enough water by feeling the leaves. If they feel crunchy or dry; chances are it needs more water.

If a plant’s leaves are looking wilted and faded, it may not be getting enough sun. Consider relocating the plant to a sunnier spot. It always helps to research the type of plant, to find out how much sun it requires.

White stripes running along the vein of the plant means that it needs magnesium. Add Epson salt to the soil around the base of the plant. If there is a color variation between the veins of the leaves the plant probably needs a zinc boost. Spray the plant with kelp extract to give them the vitamin it needs.

Yellowing occurring around the edges of the leaves and on the main vein, usually means that the plant is not getting enough nitrogen. Compost materials like coffee grounds and organic matter will help get the plant back on track. If the edges of the leaves become yellow, but the veins look good, it generally means that the plant needs more potassium. Save your banana peels and citrus peels. Chop them up and add to the soil around the base of the plant.

When in doubt, research what your plant looks like to find out what is going on. Type in the appearance of the leaves and look for other web images that look similar to your plants. The internet is a great place to find easy remedies for unhealthy plants.


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