How to Sleep When Traveling

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Have you ever had trouble falling asleep while traveling?  It’s a shame not to use the quiet time in a vehicle to rest – as long as you aren’t the one behind the wheel!   Why not start the relaxation process while you are traveling to your destination? Find out tips to sleep in the car, on a plane or in a train.

Get an eye mask that blocks out light. An eye mask is an excellent way to get some shut eye as long as it completely blocks out the light. Pull one of these over your eyes and quickly fall asleep.

Make sure and have a neck pillow with you. If traveling by car, a real pillow can also be nice. For traveling purposes a smaller neck pillow works just great! This allows you to lean your head back or to the side and comfortably catch some Z’s.

Create a playlist of calming or meditation music. This will cancel out noise around you and help you instantly relax. This paired with the eye mask and neck pillow will have you sleeping in no time. You will not feel surrounded by others because you will not be able to hear or see other people. Noise cancelling headphones works the best for this type of need.

If traveling by a plane or train, order a cocktail. A nice red wine will instantly make you feel more relaxed. Order a drink on the first opportunity, enjoy the beverage and take your time drinking it. After you are done put on your eye masks, head phones and situate your neck pillow. Also if you are traveling by plane or train, try to choose a window seat so that you can rest your head up against the window.

Pack a light blanket. This will help you to get relaxed and feeling cozy. Pair this with wearing comfortable clothing. You may even want to dress in layers since you cannot anticipate if it will be hot or cold in the vessel you are traveling in.

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