Upcycling – How to Use and Repurpose Plastic Containers

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Ready, set, reuse! Recycle if you must, but if you can, join the upcycling movement. This is the practice of giving something a new purpose without having to reduce its properties and start over again. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few great ideas for those boring plastic containers that nearly everything seems to be sold in these days.

Antibacterial wipe containers – These are absolutely perfect for storing the plastic bags you use to bring groceries home from the store. You can fit a lot of them inside and they pull out one by one just like the wipes. 

Plastic pop bottles – This is way too much fun if you have kids. Remove the labels and clean with warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and let dry completely. Then, get creative and use acrylic paints to paint cute faces or designs on them. Fill them 1/3 with sand, and set them up as bowling pins for your toddler! 

Honey bear plastic bottles – These have been around forever, and it’s nearly impossible to toss one in the recycling bin because they’re so darn cute. Take advantage of the classic design by adding some glamour. Visit the local craft store and purchase some gold leaf paint. Don’t forget to buy a plastic primer so the gold leaf will adhere to the bear. Hand paint a fancy design and top with a clear acrylic coat to permanently set your handiwork. The result is fancy little bear that you can display on its own, or leave the lid off and fill with fake flowers, long feathers, or anything else that will plume at the top. They look especially great in rooms that feature antiques because the gold leafing resembles vintage finishes traditionally applied to antique knick-knacks!

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